The Anzolato Family

Anzolato arms.
Coat of arms of Anzolato family

Charles Anzolato and sons.

Italian gold medal for military valor
Italian Gold Medal for Military Valour

Carlo Romagnoli, son of Luigi Romagnoli and by Carlotta Anzolato, was born in Naples 27 May1905; lieutenant colonel of Italian air force, pilot, died in Airspace of Malta on 4 September 1941.

He was awarded the gold medal for military valour with the following commendation:

"Superior officer of chosen military valour, pilot and game hunter, victorious always in all the skies where the tricolor air force had brought its offences, in numerous difficult actions of war and in numerous aeronautical duels victoriously concluded, reaffirmed brightly its proud dowries of aviator and of soldier.

Volunteering in a risky mission of war it gave new bright proof of his high value, fighting with intrepid courage against an overwhelming hostile formation, that only in the number it found the weapon with which to overpower his ability of pilot and his incomparable boldness - Airspace of Malta, 18 September 1940-4 September 1941."

He also got these other decorations: War Cross for military valour (Cirenaica, October 1930 - January 1931); bronze medal on the field (Adua, 3 October - 21 November 1935); bronze medal (Tigrai, 24 February - 9 April 1936); silver medal (Oriental Africa, 20 March - 14 June 1936); silver medal (Spain, February 1937); silver medal on the field ( Marmarica, June - September 1940).

Metaxa family Coats of Arms.

The coats of arms of the Metaxa family has within a blue shield a terrestrial globe surmounted by a silver dove, which holds in its beak an olive branch; some branches of the family have a silver dove that holds in its beak a branch of mulberry and the dove may/(may not) surmount a silver globe. Some coat of arms also have a two-headed eagle in testimony of the ancient Byzantine origin of the family.

Origin of the family name
The Anzolato family is a branch of the noble and illustrious lineage Metaxa from Constantinople, whose origins are lost in time immemorial. As regards to the Metaxa surname, tradition has it deriving from the word silk, that in the Greek language is translated with µetaxa (metaxa)

It is handed down that Emperor Giustiniano confered the surname Metaxa to the family of two monks of St. Basilio who introduced to Constantinople the crop of the silkworms which notably increased the Imperial Revenues.

After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, Marcantonio Metaxa, who had been adviser and fellow soldier of the last Emperor Costantino IX Paleologo, went to Cephalonia and settled in the village of Franzata, subsequently called Metaxata. In Cephalonia the Metaxas were enrolled, in 1593, in the Libro d'Oro and belonged to the Consiglio dei Nobili until 1864, when the Ionian Islands were united with the Kingdom of Greece.

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The conferring of the title Count in perpetuity
In the second half of the seventeenth century some members of the family Metaxas equipped two battalions of infantrymen, and fought with honor under command of the general Francesco Morosini.

In 1691, in recognition of their services, the Republic of Venice granted the brothers Angelo and Anastasio Metaxa the title of Count, transmissible in perpetuum to all descendants. The Count Angelo (Anzolo, in Venetian dialect) Metaxa became the founder of Metaxa Anzolato family. The title of Count was recognized from the Senate of the United States of the Islands Ionie, with decree 10 February 1841.

Many members of the Metaxa family distinguished themselves in political and military appointments. In the nineteenth century, some members of the Metaxa family settled in Austria, Russia and in England.

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The English Branch of the Family Anzolato

The English branch of the Anzolatos draws its origin from the sons of Count Spiridione Metaxa Anzolato; they became English citizens in the 19th century. The son Giovanni Battista was also received into the English nobility. [1]

The Anglo-Italian branch of the Counts Scott Anzolato or Anzolato derives from another son, George. Count George Metaxa Anzolato, lawyer and deputy of the Ionic Parliament, married Elizabeth Scott, and their eldest son was named Charles Henry Scott Anzolato.

Charles Henry Scott Anzolato (1825-1914), on 18 September 1849, married in the Parish Church of Islington, Middlesex , Arabella, daughter of Frederick Hyde of Hyde End, Berkshire.

They had three sons and one daughter: Carlo Enrico, Arabella, Federico and Giorgio Emilio.

Lieutenant Colonel Carlo Romagnoli I) - Carlo Enrico Scott Anzolato (1850-1900), married Adelaide Pironti di Francesco dei Duchi di Campagna and had four daughters: Carlotta, Ernestina, Ersilia and Elvira.

Carlotta Anzolato married Luigi Romagnoli and had two sons and one daughter: Carlo, Giovanni and Lina. Carlo Romagnoli, lieutenant colonel pilot, who died in 1941, was awarded to gold medal for military valour.

II) - Arabella Anzolato, married Giacomo Carlo Pironti di Francesco dei Duchi di Campagna.

III) - Federico Anzolato Blake (1853-1886), married Filomena d’Onofrio and had one son and four daughters: Cecilia Arabella, Adelina Edvige, Maria Giuseppa, Francesco and Arabella Isabella.

Cecilia Arabella Anzolato married Tommaso Altieri and has had one son and two daughters: Federico, Olimpia and Rosina Anna [2].

Adelina Edvige Anzolato married Giovanni Battista Massarotti and had one son and one daughter: Raffaele and Anna.

Maria Giuseppa Anzolato married Antonio Bassi.

Francesco Anzolato and Arabella Isabella Anzolato died in childhood.

IV) - Giorgio Emilio Scott Anzolato (1856-1947), married Cristina d’Onofrio and had six sons and three daughters: Carlo Gennaro, Francesco Salvatore, Anna Filomena, Federico Liberato, Luigi Maria Liberato, Alfonso Maria, Maria Concetta, Luigi Achille and Arabella Concetta.

Francesco Salvatore Anzolato married Olimpia Altieri and had one son and three daughters: Giorgio, Cristina, Beatrice and Cecilia.

Maria Concetta Anzolato, married Domenico Sepede and had three daughters: Rita, Cristina and Anna.

Federico Liberato Anzolato,married Dora Bassi.

Anna Filomena Anzolato married Amerigo Antonelli.

Luigi Maria Liberato Anzolato, Alfonso Maria Anzolato and Luigi Achille Anzolato died in childhood.
Author: Renato Cifonelli

[1] - Burke Bernard, A genealogical and heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire.
[2] - My mother.

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