'Cupids Revenge'          

 Poster of Cupid's Revence at an exhibition

"Daily Telegraph" May 31st:

Mr. Frank Hyde's conceptions are always distinguished by humour as well as grace , and nothing better in this way has been issued than the dainty engraving taken from his picture Cupids Revenge" which has just been issued to the public. There are those who object to the nude, but surely even the Glascow Town Council would find nothing to object to in this classic conceit.

"The Stage," London, 22nd March 1894:

"Cupids Revenge", by Frank Hyde, is concerned with a portion of the old legend of Cupid and Psyche. In the centre is seen standing a full length and perfectly nude figure of Psyche, whose garments have just been carried away by two little winged attendants of the God of Love. The damsel has long golden hair, and voluptuous contours, with feet reflected in the pool beneath her, and with arms and hands clasped, as if in shame over her eyes. Mr Hyde has fixed his scene in a forest glade, with waterfall to the back. The work is interesting.

"The sporting life ," 3rd May 1894:

In some people's eyes the nude is the nasty; but then the very pure drape statuary to say nothing of covering the legs of tables. To all such, whether resident in Glascow or elsewhere, we tender the honest advice not to purchase (or look at for nothing) Mr. Frank Hyde's latest work of art, entitled "Cupid's Revenge". To all others, that is to say the majority of right minded people - the production may be cordially commended as a highly finished picture, worthy of its predecessors. The moment chosen by the artist is of course, the critical one when cupid takes his revenge by causing Psyche to lose her cloak. More in the way of description is not necessary. It is in Mr Hyde's best style. Those who doubt it are recommended to call and once again be taught the value of the proverb that seeing is believing.

The "Era," 12th of May 1894:

"Cupid's Revenge".The revelation of the God of Love consists in running away with the clothes of a maiden who, left in a state of complete nudity, stands shyly before the trunk of a tree round which a second Love is looking roguishly. The figure is beautifully modeled, the attitude is graceful and well chosen, and the picture as a whole is entirely artistic.

"Blackpool Gazette," 18th May, 1894:

"Cupid's Revenge," This is the title of a fine painting of the nude by frank Hyde. Venus, a perfect figure of lovely women, has just emerged from her bath and stands against a background of dark foliage. Two Cupids are taking their revenge by stealing her cloak. The flesh tints are beautifully painted, and this is certainly one of the finest studies of the nude, yet exhibited in Blackpool.

The "Glascow Citizen." "Cupids Revenge":

The picture which is offered for sale at 1,600 pounds is a representation of Venus standing beside a tree close to a pool where she has been bathing, while Cupid is making off with her apparel. It is a fine study.

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 Picture objected to

From the "Glascow Citizen,"April. 1894:

The Glascow police are determined to exercise the additional powers they received under the new Act in dealing with what they consider objectionable pictures.

Messrs. McColl, Bros. And Co. Buchanan Street received an official visit, and the firm were requested to cease the exhibition of a picture entitled "Cupid's Revenge," by Frank Hyde. The Messrs. McColl declined to do so, and continue to show the picture in a back room of the premises.

The firm are indignant that the police should see anything objectionable in the canvas and are evidently resolved to contest the case. The picture, which is offered for sale at 1,600 pounds, is a representation of Venus standing by a tree close to a pool , where she had been bathing , while Cupid is making off with her apparel.

It is a fine study of the ordinary style to be seen any day, in the Corporation or any other public Galleries. It may be stated that no application having been made for a licence for the picture the matter has not yet been before the magistrate.

The police have taken the initiative, and in view of the refusal to withdraw the picture from exhibition it rests with the Prosecutor-Fiscal to decide whether or not a prosecution should be initiated.

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 Earls court exhibition poster

"Morning " London, May 18:

Tableau vivants. The new pictures were "The marble Electric Statue"; and "Cupid's Revenge," the later being one of the best of the lot.

The picture has been produced in high-class photo gravures, and copies may be obtained at the above address. Artist's proofs, a limited number, at 3 pounds 3s each., Prints 1pound 1s each.

"Evening Times," Glascow, 4th April, 1894:

"Cupid's Revenge, "by artist Frank Hyde, will doubtless attract attention as a study of the nude. The play of light on the face partly concealed by the raised hand is cleverly managed.

"Evening Echo":

"Cupid's Revenge," by Frank Hyde, the well known artist. This picture is an exquisite work, and the conception is highly poetic. It is being shown as a special exhibit, and will be offered for sale at no less a figure than 1,600 pounds.

The 1,300 pounds scribbled above was written by Frank and is thought to be the final selling price. Alan Hyde says there is a zero there which is crossed out and difficult to see.

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