Mclarens Falls Spillway reconstruction March 1978

A barrier of steel channels had been erected to help prevent flood damage to construction work. The barrier was not completely effective, and some of the prepared reinforcing for concrete work was washed away, as can be seen on the lower right of the picture. A compressor has also been shifted from its original position.


Mclaren Lake's spillway overflow circa 1925

Lake Mclaren Spillway overflowing - circa 1923
Lake Mclaren's Spillway


Lake Mclaren's Spillway
Pneumatically operated pile driver

The picture above (circa 1981) illustrates the final form of the spillway. The orinal spillway's width was extended and on both sides can be seen concrete steps placed to take the impact of overflow water.

Initially, for a couple of years, before renovation work was carried, out vertical iron rods were drilled into place along the top of the spillway and wooden planks placed to raise the effective height of the lake.

Lake Mclaren Dam and Spillway - circa 1925

  Lake Mclaren Dam and Spillway re-construction