Ruahihi stell penstock slope April 1980

The cart shown above on the central track could be locked into position, and was tethered by a steel cable to an electric winch at the top of the slope. The cart transported building materials to the workmen.

Ruahihipenstock slope - April 1980

Wooden formers have been placed around some of the prepared reinforcing to facilitate the pouring of concrete.


Ruahihi - view from top of penstock slope - 1980

A technician is on top of one the two inspection manholes at the top of the penstock slope.

The penstocks reached Ruahihi power station by an open trench which was later filled. State highway 29 had the traffic diverted twice as the trenching was done in two stages.

Ruahihi Power Station - February 1980

In the photo above the circular holes
correspond to where the two turbines
and generators will be positioned.
(view from the penstock slope)

Workmen preparing reinforcing for a penstock support