Weir at junction of tunnels 4 & 5

The outlet of tunnel 4 is visible on the right centre of the picture above. The stream bed is that of the Ngatuhoa river and the water is diverted into tunnel 5 leading into Lake Mangaonui.

Weir at junction of tunnels 2 and 3.

Overhead, in the picture above, is an access road bridge. The weir catches the natural flow along the upper Mangapapa river as well as serving to divert the flow from tunnel 2 to tunnel 3.

Access bridge across the Awakotuku river


Ngatuhoa Wier and Intake

In the picture above the intake to tunnel 4 occurs here (intake gates on the left). The stream bed is that of the upper reaches of the Opuaki river.

Tunnel 2 Intake - Ruakaka Stream

The channel before the tunnel No. 2 intake allows desilting to occur.