Signing Contract No. 272 for Lloyd Mandeno Power Station
Foundations of Lloyd Mandeno Power Station circa 1970

In the foreground is the foundations of the power house and behind it are the site construction offices. The circular openings of the penstocks which will carry water to the two turbines can be seen in the rear wall of the base of the power house. The contractors offices are above the power house site.

Reinstallation of a generator rotor at Lloyd Mandeno Power Station
Stator Coil repair - March 1980

Lloyd Mandeno Power Station Tubine scroll case

The steel shaft shown drives a generator situated on the floor above. The hydraulic guide vane actuator is shown in red - the mechanical coupling to the individual vanes (also red) is visible along the top of the turbine scroll case.

Celebrating the life of Lloyd Mandeno - 130 years

  Photo and details supplied by Willie Mandeno - in the background between Joshua and Kate:
  Joshua William Mandeno (Great-grandson of Lloyd’s second son & my father, Lt. William Harold (Ti) Mandeno MID -'mentioned in dispatches')
  Kate Phoebe Mandeno (Grand-daughter of Lloyd’s eldest son, Squadron Leader Graham Lloyd Mandeno, DSO, DFC & Bar)
  David Lloyd Mandeno (Eldest son of Lloyds youngest son, Dr John Woodward Mandeno - Companion of the QSO)
  The trio were selected to cut the cake because their combined age was 130 years.
  Sad to say David Lloyd Mandeno, on the right in the photo above, passed away on 22nd January 2019 aged 74. He was the eldest grandchild of Lloyd Mandeno and the first to depart this life.


Link: Sunlive: Celebrating achievements with three generations

A description of the 130th birthday celebrations at Lloyd Mandeno Power Station


Interior of Lloyd Mandeno Power Station

In the interior view above, the covers for the two generator exciters are visible, and the station operator is standing next to the control cubicles on the right hand side.

Lloyd Mandeno Power Station circa 1982

The steel high pressure penstocks
are shown, and Mt Maunganui
is visible on the horizon.

"Lloyd Mandeno Station was commissioned in September, 1972 but its associated headworks were not fully complete until December, 1976. By a series of weirs, intakes and tunnels, the water of the Omanawa River, Ruakaka Stream, Opuaki River and Ngatahoa Stream were diverted to an artificial lake - Lake Mangaonui in the bed of the Mangaonui Stream and fed by the Waitaia Stream.

Lake Mangaonui has a 20 metre high earth dam. From the lake the water is routed via a tunnel, water level controller, canal and penstocks to Lloyd Mandeno Power House where it is discharged to the Mangapapa River - now the top of Lake Mangapapa. The area of Lake Mangaonui is 8.1 hectares and the total length of tunnels is 8,796 metres.

Low Pressure Concrete penstocks at Lloyd Mandeno Power Station

The generating head is 151.5m. and each vertical Francis Turbine will produce 8,000kW. The output of the station is approximately 70,000kwh per year. Total cost of this scheme was approximately $9,000,000."

In the picture at the left the low pressure concrete penstocks have expansion joints fitted with sealing O rings. These penstocks then join on to the steel high pressure penstocks leading to the generator turbines.

Reference: "Tauranga 1882-1982: The Centennial of Gazetting Tauranga as a Borough" edited by A.C. Bellamy. Tauranga City Council, 1982.

Lloyd Mandeno - circa 1938

An interesting paper on the Mangapapa hydro-electric power project, delivered in Napier to the New Zealand Electric Supply Authorities Engineers' Institute, in 1972, can be found below:

The paper was authored by L. Mandeno and L.S. Patterson and delivered by B. Leyland and C. Hansen.

The (Upper) Mangapapa Power Station was later renamed as the Lloyd Mandeno Power Station.

Mangapapa Power Scheme - 1972 - PDF document (3,007 kB)

Another paper of interest entitled "AN ANALYSIS OF THE DEMAND ON THE ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY OF TAURANGA, ESPECIALLY FOR COOKING" presented at the NZ Civil Engineers Conference in Auckland - Monday, February 19, 1923, can be found below:

Analysis of demand - Tauranga - 1923 - PDF document (1,960 kB)

A tribute to Lloyd Mandeno made in 1991 by Eric Lees Faulkner who was Mayor of Tauranga from 25 October 1977 to the 22 October 1980.

Eric Lees Faulkner - Tribute to Lloyd Mandeno (277 kB)

The text of an address written by John Mandeno of Te Kuiti (Lloyd Mandeno's youngest son) and delivered to the Tauranga branch of NZ Historic Places Trust on 21 April 1996, can be found below:



Four Generations Spanned - By Max Avery,Tauranga - PDF document (280 kB)