The picture above is not strictly relevant to the Wairoa Generation Scheme, but it does illustrate communications. I worked as a telecommunications engineer with the New Zealand Department of Civil Aviation before joining the Tauranga Electric Power Board in 1972.

Remote Control Panel for Lloyd Mandeno Power Station - 1973

The layout of the panel is expained in sections in the left hand side of this web page and below.

Lloyd Mandeno Station General Alarms

The above alarms are:
Supervisory Fail; Radio Power Abnormal; 110V Battery Low; Protection DC Fail; Air Pressure Low; Water Level Abnormal; Feeder Earth Fault; Supervisory Power Abnormal; Radio Fail; 400V Fail; Auxillary DC Fail; Sump Water Level High; Cooling Water Filter Blocked; Cooling Water Tank Level Low; Feeder Over Load.

Lake Mangaonui and Lloyd Mandeno intake canal water levels
UHF Hut - Te Puke Quarry Road


Tauranga Electric Power Board - Generation Control Panels - 1982

Lloyd Mandeno, Lower Mangapapa and Ruahihi Stations were all remotely controlled from the Tauranga Electric Power Board's Control Room at its building in Spring Street over UHF radio links commissioned in June, 1981.

Machine 1 Alarms - Lloyd Mandeno


  In order - left to right - the panel reads:
Electrical Trip, Mechanical Trip, Electrical Oil Pump On, Rotor Earth Fault, Bearing Temperature, Bypass Valve Open, Generator Winding Temperature, Bearing Oil Level, Ready to Synchronise, Buchholz Gas, Seal Water Fail, Guide Vanes Shut, Electrical Oil Pump O/L, Cooling Water Flow Fail, Brakes On, Braking Abnormal, Heaters On.

Feeder and Busbar Voltage Indications
Machine 1 remote controls
Machine 1 Output Metering
Feeder 1 Indications


The UHF communications hut pictured on the right, and situated near the Otawa Trig, is similar to the installation in 1980, at the inlet of the Ruahihi Canal. A modified concrete water tank houses the equipment.