a butterfly valve at Lower Mangapapa Power Station

These valves directly control the flow of water from the penstock pipes to a turbine. I have forgotten the name of the technician, but I remember him having a good sense of humour.

The centrally mounted turbine and the surrounding guide vanes are clearly visible. In the background the partly assembled genereator has been covered with a protective sheet.

Looking down on a turbine scroll case at Mangapapa November 1978

The inlet from the penstock pipe to the turbine is on the left. The water passes through the butterfly valve before reaching the turbine. The turbine outlet is in the bottom mid centre. The driving shaft from the turbine to the generator is supported by a bearing between the two.



Horizontally mounted turbine at Lower Mangapapa Power Station

The levers controlling the angle of the guide vanes before the water reaches the turbine blades are clearly visible. The water from the penstock pipe enters at the base of the turbine scroll case. It exits at the front towards the viewer.

Turbine and supporting bearing - Mangapapa 1978

There is a main bearing next to each
of the two turbines to support
the main driving shaft.

Generator stator and rotor shaft  - May 1978 Mangapapa

The rotor shaft is supported on wooden blocks at this stage. The lifting steel girders are still attached to the top of the generator.