David at Hobbiton


  Myrna at Hobbiton - March 2017

Myrna suggested to me that we go to New Zealand in 2017 as she had never been to the country where I have spent most of my life. One item that distinctly appealed to her was a visit to Hobbiton in Matamata.

Hobbiton, that seemed to resemble a series of doll's houses, never had a direct appeal to me - my main objective was to visit the crater of a live volcano.

On the day that we took a bus from The Hobbiton Movie Set Store, 1235 Fenton St, Rotorua, it was raining heavily at times.

The tours depart daily at 8.00am, 8.20am, 1.00pm and 1.20pm. The duration including transport is about 4.5 hrs. The cost at March 2017 was $114 per adult.

I thoughtfully used a Canon PowerShot D30 waterproof camera, but found that the actual shots I took were smeared by raindrops falling on to the lens.

Myrna using a Canon PowerShot G10 had better luck by using the protection of an umbrella. At another time I intend to periodically dry my camera's lens with a soft tissue.

Myrna also carried a red waterproof dry carry bag for transporting the camera when it was not being used. The PowerShot G10 had the further advantage that it could be operated quite effectively with one hand.

Hobbit-holes were holes dug into the hill side, usually having a minimum of one round window and front door and sometimes back door. On this page Myrna's photos of them seem to be like a series of postage stamps! They are displayed in no particular order.

Myrna with Camera at Hobbiton

Hobbiton #3
Hobbiton #1
Hobbiton #2
Hobbiton #4
Hobbiton #5
A swarm of tourists - Hobbiton #7
Hobbiton #6
Hobbiton #9
Hobbiton #10
Sandyman's Mill
Green Dragon Inn
Hobbiton #15
Hobbiton #16
 Hobbiton 19
Bar in the Green Dragon Inn
A rain washing day