Hutton John 1894 -sketch George Townsend Warner


  Nora Hudleston Warner - pictured in the 1920's

Hutton John is a large fortified manor house, located near the hamlet of Hutton, about 5 miles south-west of Penrith in Cumbria. The manor house was originally built in the late 14th century as a pele tower, with additions made in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The manor of Hutton John was the seat of the Hutton family from 13th century until the death of Thomas Hutton c.1628, when it passed to his sister Mary, who married Andrew Hudleston of Farington in 1564 (part of the Hudleston family of Millom).

Ref: Hutton John, Cumbria

It is easy to appreciate the interest of George Townsend Warner in Hutton John as he married Nora Hudleston, who was born in Madras, the daughter of Josiah Hudleston, an Indian army Colonel. Josiah was a first cousin of William Hudleston - the owner of Hutton John.

George Townsend Warner made the sketch above of Hutton John almost a year after his daughter the future novelist, short story writer and poet, Sylvia Townsend Warner, was born. Perhaps the family were guests of Ferdinand Hudleston.

George Townsend Warner (b.1865 d.1916) became the Harrow School housemaster and was known a brilliant teacher in history. In 1922 the name "The Harrow History Prize" was changed to "The Townsend-Warner History Prize".

For a more detailed description of Hutton John by Ferdinand Hudleston:
  A Short Description of Hutton John - PDF document (682 kB)

George Townsend Warner as house master at Harrow and Sylvia Townsend Warner
North front of Hutton John - 1913

The east wing, on the left, was built in 1660. The entry hall faces the courtyard.

The west wing of the house, on the right, was added in the sixteenth or early seventeenth century, and was originally only of two storeys. The ground-floor room would have formed a large parlour, lit both from the north and south, but it has been divided at a later period, and the western half is now the kitchen.

Ref: Hutton John, Cumberland. The seat of Mr.. Ferdinand Hudleston.
Country Life, Jan. 26th. 1929. pp.116-123.

Plan of Hutton John - circa 1923
East front of Hutton John - 1913
The Kitchen - Hutton John - circa 1929
Croft Huddleston family tree - 2nd. version



The above chart was prepared by my mother, Joan Hudleston Hyde, and Roy Hudleston.
Roy Hudleston (1905-1992) was born in Stroud in Gloucestershire. He was a distinguished genealogist and historian. In 1949 he was elected a Fellow of The Society of Antiquaries in recognition of his significant work in the fields of local history and genealogy, his life-long abiding interests.

Spurred on by his fascination with the history of his own ancestors, particularly the Hudlestons of Millom Castle and Hutton John, Cumbria, he began writing local history articles at an early age, and some of these appeared in the Stroud News while he was still at school.

Roy was a lecturer in Palaeography in the University of Durham and a pdf file which is a catalogue of Hudleston papers held at the university - is available from:

I am pleased to be related to both the Hudleston and the Huddleston family by the marriage of my great grandfather Colonel Josiah Hudleston to Frances Croft Huddleston. In my case the Huddlestons are such by George Croft assuming the name of Huddleston in 1819 for inheritance purposes. So am I really related to the Huddlestons?

Tristram Frederick Croft Huddleston (1848-1936) at the request of my mother Joan Hudleston Hyde wrote a short history of the Huddleston Family that would be of interest to Huddlestons in New Zealand.

Tristram Frederick Croft Huddleston, the writer of this History of the Huddleston family, died in 1936. He was a Fellow of Kings College Cambridge. A few years before his death, his elder son Arthur was made a Knight in recognition of his services in the Blue Nile Province.

Ferdinand Hudleston (1857-1951) of Hutton John, whose photos and description of Hutton John appear on this page, was a son of William H. (1826-1894) and he had a brother Cuthbert H.(1863-1944) who was the Anglican Archdeacon of Perth, Australia, from 1910 to 1944.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Edmund Cuthbert "Teddy" Hudleston, GCB, CBE, ADC (30 December 1908 14 December 1994) was a senior commander in the Royal Air Force. He was a son of Archdeacon Cuthbert H. of Perth.

I was pleased to come across the above relationship connection to Hutton John as I usually reside in Perth.

Mrs Honoria Hudleston 1790 - painting by George Romney

Honoria, daughter of the Rev. John Marshall; born in 1765; married, Nov. 23, 1788, John Hudleston, Esq. (Resident at the Court of Tanjore, and a Member of Council at Madras), the second but eldest surviving son of William Hudleston, Prebendary of Wells; died Sept. 24, 1807: her grandson, William H., succeeded to Hutton John in 1861.

The succession of ownership for Hutton John from the time of Ferdinand Hudleston appears to be as follows:
Ferdinand Hudleston (1857-1951) --> Nigel Ferdinand Hudleston (1902-1969) --> John Andrew Hudleston (1931-2003) --> Roland Hudleston --> Roberta (Nicholson) Looked after Hutton John until her son Roland Hudleston came of age --> Then about 2009 the property passed to Kate Fraser - Roberta's daughter of her second marriage to Ian Dawson.

Father John Hudleston - circa 1665

Father John Hudleston (1608 1698), was a Catholic priest, and a monk of the Order of St. Benedict who helped Charles II during his escape. He was present when Charles converted to the Catholic faith on his deathbed.

Father John was the second son of Joseph Hudleston, esq., of Farington Hall and Hutton John, Cumberland, by Eleanor, second daughter of Cuthbert Sisson, esq., of Kirkbarrow, Westmoreland.

A good source for information on Benedictine Monks is at the Durham University, Monks in Motion, Database:

Josiah Hudleston
Millom Castle