entrance sign at Hinlugan Taktak


Erlyn at Hinulugang Taktak National Park

While in Manila, Erlyn suggested that we visit Hinulugang Taktak Falls. I readily agreed as I had only seen one reasonably sized waterfall, and that was in Samar.

The trip to Antipolo was an interesting lesson on not to rely on GPS route finding programs too much. The drivers program in an iPhone tended for some reason to repeat "Turn Right" inappropriately at some intersections.

The driver having a misplaced faith in the technology/program said 'It is trying to find the route with the least time'.

Based on the roads chosen, I got the impression that on her previous visit Erlyn must have gone on horseback.

Our first stop was at the Cathedral in Antipolo. All the other members of the group were devout Catholics and prayers came first - I found a nearby tree and sat in its shade.

Because I am rather deaf I cannot properly hear or understand what the priests say.

The second priority was to get something to eat which we did at a local hamburger shop.

Lastly we continued the journey to the water fall at the Hinulugang Taktak National Park. We arrived after the day's closing time. Fortunately the gatekeepers let us in.

I found the area to be attractive but the smell of possibly raw sewerage from upstream farms and industrial areas was almost overpowering. I do hope that this is rectified soon.

My excuse for creating this web page, is that I seem to have fallen into the habit, while visiting the Philippines, to write a page on anything interesting that I see.

Upper view of Hinulugang Taktak Falls

HINULUGANG TAKTAK is one of the tourist spot found in Brgy. Dela Paz Antipolo City. It's height is 12 m. This falls was made famous by the song "Tayo na sa Antipolo" by German San Jose (Gerry Brandy) of Malate, Manila which immediately made national attention. On June 15, 1952, Hinulugang Taktak was proclaimed a National Park.

An informative reference with directions of how to get to the park is:

Path at the meditation area of Hinulugang Taktak Falls
An exit stairway at Hinulugang Taktak Falls
Hinulugang Taktak National Park - steps from entrance
Swimming Pool at Hinulugang National Park
Hinulugang Taktak National Park - Grotto
Hinulugang Taktak Park - pumphouse and canal
Hinulugang Takta Falls - Myrna spots me
Hinulugang Taktak Falls - a tree base
Hinulugang Taktak Park - tree roots
Hulugang Taktak Falls - A trio of tourists