The departure point for Dalapuri island


Saint Anthony with the Christ Child

In December 2009 we made a short trip to Dalapuri Island, Northern Samar, but it is only now, August 2014, that I have got around to illustrating it.

Myrna's Catarman National High School teacher in English, Mrs Cecilia Caguerhab, suggested we stay in Las Navas for a couple of days, but instead we went on a day trip from Catarman to the main centre of San Antonio.

The Municipality of San Antonio is contiguous with Dalapuri Island, and is a thirty minute motorised banca ride from Victoria.

We landed on the beach in front of "The Haven of Fun" beach resort. Because we were only on the Island for a relatively short period we did not get to see the rest of the Island.

I liked what I saw during the brief excursion, but I would like to go back to Dalapuri Island sometime, and explore more thoroughly.

The excursion Organiser - Cecilia Caguerhab
Yannee - Mrs Cecilia Caguerhab's grand daughter

The men in Yannee's background
Boarding the 'Pacific Destiny' for San Antonio Island
Banca 'Pacific Harmony' on its way to San Antonio Island
All aboard for San Antonio Island
Leaving Victoria for San Antonio

Leaving Victoria for San Antonio
Downstream view of Victoria Pier
Banca KURT suisse with Victoria in the left background
Haven of Fun Beach Resort
Beach Resort San Antonio Island
San Antonio Town Wharf
Landing at San Antonio
Copra drying at the San Antonio wharf
Children playing in the sand at San Antonio Beach
Nestle having a manicure
LG playing in the sand
Yannee at the raft
Communications Tower - San Antonio

The town center of San Antonio is protected by a sea wall.

San Antonio Parish Church - Bell Tower
Locval bancas with the wharf in the background
Interior of San Antonio Parish Church
Liga ng mnga barangay building and a public stage

Section 491 of the Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, as amended, which states:

"There shall be an organization of all barangays to be known as the 'liga ng mga barangay' for the primary purpose of determining the representation of the Liga in the sanggunians, and for ventilating, articulating and crystallizing issues affecting barangay government administration and securing, through proper and legal means, solutions thereto."

Material Recovery Facility

Material Recovery Facilites are found in every barangay of San Antonio. Reusable material is recovered from the garbage and recycled. I found the foreshore where we landed from Victoria to be clean and the sea water clear.

A delivery tricycle
An older style house in San Antonio town center
Store front with tricycles - Catarman