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I would like the attribution of photographs made by me (David Hyde) to my 'Nom de Foto' - "David de la Hyde", and Myrna's photos to Myrna Hyde.

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Pavilion at entrance of Onoda Trail
Plagiarised copy of the entrance pavilion at the Onoda Trail

Clear examples of the abuse of the copyright notice at the beginning of this page are in the article "The unlikely Japanese hero of Lubang - By Robert A. Evora" and published by the Manila Standard Today as

In Myrna Hyde's pavilion photo the original photo has been reduced in size, cropped at the left hand side and the image lightened up. ROBERT EVORA appears to claim it as his original photo. The original caption with the title, date and phographers name has also been trimmed off.

I wrote an email to bringing the plagiarism examples to their attention but was never graced with a reply.

I then decided that this blatant plagiarism would form good illustrative examples of what not to do. As can be observed most of the visual impact of the original images has been lost.

Plagiarised copy of cave ones' interior
Interior of Cave One - Onoda Trail

In the plagiarized image of my photo of Cave One's Interior shown on the left both the top and bottom of the original have been trimmed,the image lightened and reduced in size. This time there is no apparent photographer mentioned and the original caption with the title, date and phographers name has been trimmed off.

The image is labelled as Hideaway - perhaps this was a play on my name (Hyde Away) because I was away in Australia at the time the article was written.

Sometimes it is difficult to avoid a degree of plagiarism, particularly on the WWW where original sources of images and written work may be difficult to find. But it in this case the citation of authorship appears to have been purposely avoided, and the original images deliberately altered in an attempt to conceal their origin.

A good source of information on what constitutes plagiarism can be seen at: