UEP Alma Beach?


A section of the Lake Bed at the UEP Eco Park

The beach illustrated above, Alma Beach, is immediately west of White Beach and appears to be used primarily by local University Staff and Students.

From the reference mentioned below:
It (white beach) used to be the site of horrific crimes since its not visible from the highway; it had also been a dumpsite once, De Asis, who assumed as UEP President in 2007, disclosed.

Over the last few years White Beach has been developed into an attractive resort. It also serves as a teaching venue for students doing the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BS-HRM)

White Beach Resort has 15 beach sheds and 3 cottages for overnight stay. Birthdays and weddings can be celebrated in the multi-purpose pavilion. For reservations contact CF#09173044131; landline #(055)251-8611; or email uephil@lycos.com

In April 2014 I revisited Catarman and added photos of the UEP swimming pool. Few Filipinos seem to have swimming skills so of particular interest is the swimming classes. I have also added a photo of a couple of dangerous sections in the reef next to the main beach swimming area. A number of people are said to have drowned at White Beach.

Because I required more than one page to illustrate the University, I have included links to the other pages below:

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Reference: White beach draws visitors, tourists by Marcelo M. Pedalino Wednesday 2nd of May 2012 (http://pia.gov.ph/news/index.php?menu=2&webregion=R08&article=1301335856572)

Entrance to UEP White Beach Resort


Beach sheds at White Beach Resort
White Beach Multi-purpose Pavilion

Jelly and Myrna in a Beach Hut
beach huts at White Beach
Three Cottages and the HRM Laboratory Building
Jelly at White Beach
Duck's Ass and Pool Renovations
UEP White Beach Resort Swimming Pool
Diving Pool at UEP White Beach Resort
Goose at UEP White Beach Resort Swimming Pool
Myrna in the UEP White Beach Resort Swimming Pool
UEP White Beach Resort Summer Swimming Lessons
Rules White Beach Resort - P1
Rules White Beach Resort P2
Dangerous holes in reef next to UEP White Beach Swimming Area