Gilbert Dimaranan - President of Lubang TODA

As an experiment I thought I would try putting some tricycle driverswith their mobile phone numbers (where available) on to a web page for Lubang to assist people looking for transport.

The selection of drivers is random - just those drivers parked near the Lubang Municipal Hall when I visited there.

Even if this page does not achieve its objective at least it gives a random picture of drivers and vehicles at that particular time.

Because of the unique appearance of these tricycles they have described as 'Jeeplet' or 'Anak ng Jeep'.

Nestor Masangkay and Lauren

I asked Myrna's great-niece Lauren to accompany me to act as a temporary secretary to record drivers' names and telephone numbers.

I think that the photos, names and telephone numbers are correctly associated with each other.

Tricycles are essential means of transportation to most Filipinos and is also a valuable source of employment

Bernie Reglos

Manuel Tesalona
Bernie Polyado
Nestor Garmin
Eric Cajayon
Ricky Tejadilla
Totoy Insigne
Jayson Tulaylay