Kipot Micro_Hydro Power Plant


Villa Escudero 1937, 75 kW Resort Station generator  

I visited this resort in Xmas of 2009. This resort is not in Lubang Island but located near San Pablo City.

One of the main features of this resort is the use of the Labasin lake which was formed by the micro-hydro development of the Resort Station (75 kW) in 1937.

The station was designed for “run of the river” operation so it had minimal ecological impact. It also provides water for irrigation.

The main Resort generator was replaced in 1997 by a 60 kW located below the previous generator which is still there, and it appears to be in good condition.


Arsenio Escudero Hydro Plant (Est. 1937)
Villa Escudero Dam and Resort Station

On the left can just be seen a mesh barrier placed on top of the dam, probably to prevent pieces of driftwood or rafters, falling down into the outdoor picnic area below

On the right of the power house, where the bamboo raft is moored, are screens to prevent rubbish from entering the turbine's intake penstock.

Lake Labasin Dam, Villa Escudero

The effective lake height appears to have raised about a metre by a board wall.On top of this can just be seen safety netting.

I do not think that the station generator was operating during the time I was at Villa Escudero.

Coconut Pavillon Restaurant - Villa Escudero

This restaurant is the usual location for breakfast. It overlooks Lake Labasin on the left.

Rafting on Lake Labasin

In the background is the Riverside Accommodation Units.

Outdoor buffet belw the Lake Labasin Dam

There is an attractive outdoor restaurant downstream of the Labasin Dam. There you can cool your feet while enjoying a buffet style meal.

The water is about ankle deep and there is stepping stones to cross over from the entrance to the self serving buffet tables illustrated on the left.

Downstream view at the Villa Escudero outdoor restaurant
Wedding in the Chapel of the Ascension - Villa Escudero
WeddingGuest at the Chapel of the Ascension, Villa Escudero
Private Residence at Villa Escudero

There is a great many pages posted about Villa Escudero on the Internet. I have given a few personal visual impressions - with perhaps an additional emphasis on the micro-hydro features which forms the basis for much of its success.

For additional information see their excellent web site at (Copy and paste into your browser)

Church/Museum at Villa Escudero

The facade of this Museum was modelled on a Franciscan Church in Manila that was destroyed in World War II.

Inside there are many items of religious significance and of the Spanish occupation. In the first floor are displayed Japanese and Allied small arms and machine guns.

No photography is permitted inside the museum.