Hulagaan Beach, Lubang Island


Fisherman at Tagbac beach, Lubang Island

To proceed on a trek to Hulagaan Falls we started by hiring a fishing boat from Tagbac beach. The trip took approximately half an hour.

From the beach to the falls is about a 40 minute walk.

On the trek up the Hulagaan river bed one has to be on the lookout for snakes.

A further word of caution - the pool beneath the falls is several metres deep and there is little in the way of a foot hold on the steeply sloping rock walls.

So if you are not a good swimmer, it is best not to bathe there.

The falls though attractive, are relatively small, being at a guess less then six metres high

Overall, I enjoyed the adventure of going there.

June 2013: I made a quick visit to the beach and noted additional amenities such as a picnic pavilion, toilets, outdoor seats and guide rails for the track - photos added to this page.

For information including access and guides: Please contact Lubang Tourism Office at celphone no. 09214224387, email address:

Hulagaan Falls - Lubang Island
Hulagaan river exit to the sea
Close up of Hulagaan falls from the photo above
Unloading food supplies for a midday meal
Hulagaan river - setting up the picnic rock/table
Pavilion at Hulagaan falls for picnics
Amenities block
Outdoor seats
Start of the track to the falls
Hulagaan river - tree roots
Progressing slowly to the Hulagaan Falls
A river crossing
Walking along the Hulagaan river bed
Cooling off at Hulagaan Falls
Close up to the Hulagaan Falls
Tagbac Beach - from where we took a boat to Hulagaan Falls.