Catholic Church at Kusang Loob on Fiesta Day - Dec. 26 2010


That disorientated feeling - Fiesta Day - Dec. 26 Kusang Loob

On December 24th I tried to get some detail as to the schedule of events of the Kusang Loob Fiesta and what it was all about.

However I was unable to acquire any information at the local churches. As a result I missed the coronation ceremony in the evening of Dec. 25th behind the Kusang Loob Church.

I started to get a feeling of disorientation, and this was accentuated by the appearance of some events, seeming to have been prepared at the last moment.

This was the first Fiesta I have attended, and even though I was confused by the arrangements, I enjoyed the events that I saw.

A listing of Barangay Fiestas is given on the right for 2009. Presumably other years are the same dates, as they appear to be random days of the week.

These fiestas are celebrated in honour of the local patron saints. Activities appear to include feasting, dancing, street parades, and a Holy Mass with stage presentations.

Then there is the Sandalan May festival which is celebrated by all the Barangays. There is feasting and dancing in the evenings. There are three big Santacruzans spaced at 9 day intervals. These culminate in the selection of the Lakambini of the year.

No signs of disorientation here - Fiesta Day

Cabra - Buli, Apr-25
Cabra - Kay Sameon, Apr-29
Cabra - Libis, Apr-29
Dangay May-03
Kusang-Loob, Last Sunday of December
Maliig, Aug-17
Pobalacion, Aug-15
Sorville, Dec-08
Tagbac, May-15
Tangal, Mar-19
Tilik, Sep-10
Tumibo, Feb-11
Vigo, Apr-05

Muse Ng Gym Renaiyn Buian and escort Jhon Albert Bulan

Mutya ng Kapistahan
Rovelene Tagumpay and Thorllac Villas - entrant Kusang Loob Day care Center
Muse: Ariane Gay Tardio, Escort: Lance Xailler De La Fuen
An icecream vendor at the Kusang Loob Church
Kusang Loob Day Care Center entrants
Drummers at the start of the procession
A front view of the parade
Anyone know the next step?
A minor technical hitch with the streamers
Father Bossi, the lay ministers and the alter servers entering the church for the Holy Family Mass
Father Bossi leading a prayer at the end of the Mass
A group of local men before the Mass at Kusang Loob