Jeepney Excursion - Dec. 26. 2008


  Typical motorcycle transport - Lubang

125cc motorcycles - a typical one is illustrated on the left - appear to be the most common form of transport on Lubang Island. These are also used as the basis for building tricycles which are also extensively used. For heavier loads Jeepneys are used and trucks seem relatively scarce.

The roads in Lubang generally have many potholes and in many areas there seems to be a lot of scope for future improvement. This partly accounts for the fact that private cars appear to be greatly outnumbered by motorcycles. Bicycles are also widely used.

In spite of the relatively poor condition of some of the roads, I rather enjoyed using a motorcycle after a 21 year lapse.

March 2014:
As part of the present Aquino Administration plans they intend to:
Pave all existing unpaved national arterial roads (15,872 Kms) by 2014;
Pave all existing unpaved national secondary roads (15,370 Kms) by 2016;

Below are a few photos of work in progress in Lubang Island.

Tricycles in Bgy. Poblacion, Lubang
Road metal quarry near Looc

Storage at Dangay for road metal
Concrete road strip near Looc

A dump truck operating near Looc
Preparing for a concrete pour, Maliig

Loading a truckwith road metal, Dangay
A rice farmer's motorised transporter

Lubang Hospital Ambulance
Farmer with a carabao pulling a sledge
A modified jeepney?
Riding a Carabao
Farmer with the Phillipines national animal the Caribao
Road metal quarry near Looc