Local children at the beach

Last year in the Lubang Island Group (LIG), there was created an extensive marine park which is in relatively pristine condition.

Many beaches in Lubang are publicized as swimming beaches, whereas in reality, only when high tide occurs is it possible to swim/paddle in relatively shallow water over a dead coral reef. The wearing of reef shoes is recommended.

If I was interested in using swimming for fitness I would use either the Airlink or Bamboo Hut resorts pool.

As a sometimes resident of the Island, I have had to adapt.

To enjoy the local beach I have resorted to taking under water pictures of very small fish etc. in shallow rock pools at high tide.

In populated areas by the beach, everything that is edible, seems to be removed from the reefs, by the local people, at low tide. However a few very small fish seem to survive amongst the sea grass.

This page shows my first attempts at photographing fish underwater - 'Barely Underwater Photography'. Because I do not know anyone else there who does snorkeling, I go out alone, and take almost zero risks.

'On Target' - idicates the relative size of the fish photographed
Fish image #2

A pair of colourful fish
A Sea Slug
Undefined #3
Fish #3
Seaweed #1
Fish #5
Fish #6
Fish #8
Fish #7
Fish #4
Ablue starfish
Small sea urchins
A tube worm
Head of a tube worm
A starfish partly hidden by sand
Stafish with sand covering removed