Looking seaward along the Mamburao River


  Rotary Club of Mamburao Central

Mamburao is the capital municipality of Occidental Mindoro. It has a population of 34,487 people (2007 census).

Located on the northern part of Occidental Mindoro, the normal means of access from Manila is to take a RORO (Roll On Roll Off) ferry from Batangas Port to Abra de Ilog Port.

It takes about two and a half hours by car from Manila via the South Luzon Expressway and the STAR Tollway to arrive at the port of Batangas.

The Montenegro and Baleno ferry lines service the route from the Port of Batangas to the Port of Abra de Ilog.

From Abra de Ilog Port, it takes thirty to forty-five minutes travel by bus, jeepney, or air-conditioned van to get to the Mamburao town proper.

For quicker access (45 minutes approximately), a chartered plane may be taken from the Domestic Airport in Manila to Mamburao Airport.

We went from Manila early morning one day, stayed overnight at the La Gensol Plaza Hotel and Restaurant, and then back mid-afternoon the following day - Myrna having some official business to attend to.

In this one page survey, I can only give a small glimpse of Mamburao.

Reference: Official Web site (http://mamburao.gov.ph)

Did you know that sleepy Mamburao does not have movie houses, night life or even malls? It's because Mayor Anthony Villarosa wants his quaint little town to rise to fame with its rustic and rural setting where urbanites could go to rest, revitalize and refresh themselves before returning to the modern life they are used to.

The young mayor emphasized he would like to see sustainable development and nature-friendly infrastructure for Mamburao, unlike Boracay which is getting crowded with tall structures.

Villarosa wants only sprawling two-storey buildings around so that the greenery and fresh air would not be disturbed.........   CONTINUED RHS >>


A group of youths at the mouth of the Mamburao River

....... A walk on the pristine shorelines of Mamburao is therapeutic for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the country's big cities.

Barangay Tayamaan, for instance, is known for its gray-whitish sands under the hot sun sheltered in a natural harbour.

The newly-discovered Gumaer Falls in Barangay Tangkalan are beautiful and so are the other eco-tourism sites such as the Mamburao beach for walking, jogging and swimming, Jaliri Farms for air-soft gaming and bird-watching, Crocodile's Head for an hour of trekking and getting to the tip of the head, shell picking and snorkeling and the Lanas Mangyan settlement where one can learn of the natives' culture.

Mamburao wants to be known to the world, but not as fast and explosive as Boracay.

Reference: Mamburao, the Forgotten Capital, Wants to be Remembered; By Lily O Ramos - May, 2009 (http://mamburao.gov.ph/downloaditemfile.do?file_id=2017)

Capital Building for Mindoro Occidental

Kapitolyo ng Occidental Mindoro
Front view of a Provincial Government building in Mamburao
A Provincial Government Buildig in Mamburao
A new house by the river

Google Maps view showing location where the photos were taken.
Travellers Hotel and Restaurant
La Censol Plaza Hotel
A group at Mindorenos Restaurant and Hotel
Provincial Assessor's Office
Provincial Assessor's Office
Civil Service Commission (CSC) Occidental Mindoro Field Office.
Provincial Engineers Office
Kiosk in front of Prison Gates
Provincial Jail, Occidental Mindoro
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Our Ladyof the Pillar Parish Church
Occidental Mindoro Public Hospital

The hospital is a grandios new building completed last year (2009). It is a single story building with wings for the different tasks of the hospital; surgery, maternity, etc., all divided male and female.In the back wing, the last two rooms are set aside for the Katatubo (minority/native) people.

The hospital here is much different than any I have ever been to. First the hospital is open to the elements (no A/C), most beds are metal framed with split bamboo as the surface, some have old vinyl covered mattresses.

There is no one to care for you – it is not the nurses job to feed you, clean you, etc. – you must bring your own caretaker to do these tasks for you, the doctor will write you a prescription for medicine, IV fluid, bandages, doctor’s gloves – everything that is required to fix you – you have to provide.



JVM Pharmacy and Kawan Drug Store

These stores are located opposite the main entrance to the Hospital

The disposal of all the trash from the hospital (including the bio/infectious waste and hazardous waste) is discarded on the ground behind the hospital and burned.

The morgue is also in a back building behind the hospital, just a block building with a metal covered wooden roof, with a door and no lock. The bodies are rolled in on a gurney and left for the family to pick up.

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PhilHealth Occidental Mindoro Service Office
Mamburao Municipal Hall
Post Office Mamburao - Occidental Mindoro
'The Philippine Heritage' - Occidental National High School
West Mindoro Academy
Mamburao Airport Control Tower
Mamburao Airport Terminal Building
Mamburao Airport
Mamburao Airport & Eagle Air Academy
Welcome to Mamburao
Thank you come again
Occidental Mindoro Provincial Evacuation Center