Painting made in the 19th century of the early settlement of Balikyas


  A Balikyas mother and her child

It is said that before the Spanish occupation the residents often left and then returned. They would swap stories of their experiences and this was termed balik-layas in their native dialect.

The residents in turn became known as balik-layas, then the community, and eventually this came abbreviated to Balikyas.

The first inhabitants were Muslim converts and were driven out by the Spanish. The next settlers were farming and fishing families from Luzon and other parts of Lubang.

They built houses next to the seashore and cleared the lowlands.

Emiliano Cahayon came from Balikyas and in 1896 he lead a group of Filipino revolutionaries who captured a Spanish Friar and soldiers in the centre of the municipality of Lubang.

Emiliano was called General Barog by his group and in 1901 he was captured by the Americans and imprisoned in Calapan. After a year he was released and returned to Balikyas.

In 1916 when the Municipality of Looc was formed Balikyas was registered as one of its barrios.

A primary school was opened during the American occupation but for later grades students had to go to Agkawayan or the centre of the Municipality of Lubang. After WW2 the primary school became a complete elementary school

Later the swamps of Balikyas were converted into fishponds and during summer portions became salt-beds.

In 1979 Lubang Electric Cooperative (LUBELCO) supplied electricity to Balikyas.

Reference: HISTORY OF LOOC by Rudy Candelario - translated into English by Benjamin Walata. (


An Extract from the 19th century Balikyas painting
Balikyas Barangay Hall
Balikyas Elementary School  
A girl doing the family washing at a public water pump
Balikyas potable water supply

The Balikyas clean drinking water suuply system was built by Fr. Bernhard Kassellmann, when he was appointed to the parish of Looc. The source of the water is the Kalanda river

The road leading into Barangay Balikyas
Balikyas Iglesia Filipina Independiente Church
A Balikyas Fish/Salt farming cottage
Balikyas Fish Ponds
View of a Balikyas street and boat ramps
A banca in a street at Balikyas
An outside electricity metering point in Balikyas
A Balikyas Street
Fishermens Cottages at Balikyas
Ambil Island and fishing boats seen off Balikyas
Children outside a shop in Balikyas
View of fishing boats and Ambil Island at Balikyas
Balikyas in 1968
An episode off Balikyas in 1846 in the 'Battle of Manila Bay'

Note: In 1846, the five historic encounters on the sea between La Encarnacion & Rosario, two galleons of the Spaniards and the fifteen Dutch frigates occurred.
      One of the encouters which was off Balikyas is pictured above. The Spaniards won.