Interior of Sto Nino de Paz Chapel,Greenbelt,Makati


Interior Sto Nino De Paz Chapel from entrance

In April 2014 I was staying in Makati for a couple of days and accompanied my wife to the local church. She attended the service with friends while I took some photos.

The best short history I could find was from a web page labelled "Greenbelt Chapel", and I include some extracts from it:

"A chapel for “the busy office employees and working people, right in the heart of Makati’s Business District ” . . . This was the vision of the late Fanny del Rosario Diploma, then Dean of the Institute of Social Work and founder of Centro Hispanico (now Languages International) after drawing inspiration from New York City’s Saint Patrick’s Cathedral during a visit in 1977 with her husband, Atty. Nordy Diploma.

Returning to Manila, the couple presented their plans to Fr. Edgar Saginsin who in turn, facilitated a meeting between the Diplomas and then Archbishop of Manila, the late Jaime Cardinal Sin. With his blessings, the Cardinal endorsed the proposal to the MBD landowners, the Ayala Group, who without a second thought, granted use of the lagoon area for the new Chapel’s site.

A side entrance to the Sto Nino De Paz Chapel, Greenbelt,Manila

The structure was designed by Architect Willie Fernandez, and then enhanced by Jess Dizon, who rendered the circular pattern of the building. Noted glass sculptor, Ramon Orlina, fabricated the ceiling, tabernacle, altar, and the cross at the entrance, the sacristy, and the God the Father image on the dome.

Originally scheduled for July 15 1983, the Chapel’s inauguration had to be postponed because of a typhoon. Finally on July 28, 1983, His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin celebrated the first Mass at Sto. Niño de Paz Community - Greenbelt Chapel. Don Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Atty. and Mrs. Diploma, and numerous benefactors and guests graced the festivities."


Sto Nino De Paz,Chapel exterior - Greenbelt, Manila
The cross at Sto Nino De Paz Chapel

A Priest dispensing Holy Water outside the Sto Nino De Paz Chapel
Feeding the Goldfish at Sto Nino De Paz Chapel
Sto Nino De Paz - Greenbelt setting
Restaurant in the Greenbelt near the Chapel
Cat and Goldfish at a pool next to the Sto Nino De Paz Chapel, Greenbelt, Manila