A computer room at Lubang Integrated School


Telecommunications Tower outside Lubang Integrated School

Above is pictured a Faculty Room with six computers, the one at the right probably acts as a server and is attached to a printer.

The vertical cables are the network connections to a switch pictured in the upper right.

The switch in turn appears to be connected through to an enclosed WI-FI aerial just above the roof line on the TV aerial pictured at the right.

The school seems to be a good choice, as there is WI-FI available, and some of the staff are obviously already interested in computer based learning, and computer technology.

Obviously the physical introduction of OLPC laptops will be a huge improvement on existing facilities. I think the photo above is an interesting record shot.

Smart Bros. relayed WI-FI into Poblacion, Lubang, about three years ago and is gradually extending the coverage.

For instance, once 20 people in Kusang Loob are committed to paying about 1000 pesos a month rental, then a WI-FI link will be established from Poblacion.

Note - 11 Nov. 2010
I received a note from Marife Mago yesterday that the XO Pilot deployment in Lubang is happening this month (Nov.) . Below is a link to facebook which she gave which gives a account of the current progress. The Facebook page gives other links to OLPC in the Philippines.

Note - 26 Nov. 2010
The facebook reference above states:
"Oh happy day! On November 23, 2010, we launched the Education Kindling: OLPC Pilot program. As part of the pilot program, we are introducing the XO laptop, and joyful ways of digital learning to 95 elementary school students and 4 educators."
On the page is included many photos of jubilant students displaying the XO laptops they have just been issued with.

Tv and WI-FI aerial in front of Lubang Integrated School Faculty Room

The process of the OLPC project (One Laptop Per Child) created a Philippines based organization eKindling (Educational Kindling).

eKindling in association with OLPC friends and OLPC-NZ (New Zealand) has made its first pilot project to install 100 laptops to 4 classrooms in the Lubang Integrated School.

The project has been made possible by fund raising activities and contributions by past and present members of the former National Computer Center (NCC) under the leadership of Meg Simpson.

The project is in honor of the present Mayor of Lubang, Juan M. Sanchez, who was the first managing director of the NCC in 1971. He initiated an IT Program for the school children of Lubang, and had asked for help from his former staff at the NCC.

The NCC is the lead agency for promoting the strategic use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in the government.

I am pleased to say that my son Adam Hyde was an active participant in the production of the final OLPC/Sugar manual which is now shipped on every OLPC laptop (XO) produced. Fellow participants included Anne Gentle, David Farning, Seth Woodward, and Walter Bender.

The Lubang project is scheduled for completion sometime this year (2010)

References: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/EKindling/

Hand Crafts by the elementary pupils at Lubang Integrated School

On my brief visit to Lubang Integrated School, I met the principals of both the High and Elementary sections, whom I thank for showing me around. To my surprise they already expected me, as I had only briefly told of my intentions to go there, to Myrna's nephew earlier that day.

I was also given a small gift, which I was asked to choose from the display shelves illustrated.

'MATHEMATICS' - a display board at Lubang Integrated School
Thank you, Teacher
A billboard on the perimeter of the Lubang Integrated School
'Stella Maris School is Now a Wi-Fi Zone'