Ambil Island, Lubang Island Group (LIG), Occidental Mindoro, Philippines


A Tabao Rooster

The weather was not suitable to visit Ambil Island until the day before we returned to Manila. Even then we could only visit the western side of the Island opposite to Agkawayan.

We went first to Barangay Tabao (Tabaw) then to the southernmost tip of Ambil Island - Antucao Pt.

Ambil Island rises to over 760 meters, and is about 26 square km in area

In 1760, the island of Ambil was mentioned in an old document of the Spaniards. It was stated there that this community was made as the temporary headquarters of Moro pirates.

Ambil was again mentioned in an old Spanish document in 1819. It was stated there that an Englishman who traveled to the different parts of the country mentioned that a deposit of copper was discovered in this island.

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Barangay Tabao, Ambil Island

The people who first inhabited Ambil were from the island of Lubang. They chose to build houses in one part of this small island where a kind of bamboo, known in the Tagalog dialect as tambo, grew abundantly. When the number of families increased in this part of the island, they called their settlement as Sitio Tambo. Later on, another sitio appeared in another part of Ambil. The people who settled there called it as Sitio Tabaw.

Reference: HISTORY OF LOOC by Rudy Candelario. Translated in English by Benjamin Walata. (

Preparing to launch the boat for Tabao

Bernado Canals walking towards Antucao Pt. Ambil Island
Lawilawi Bay, Ambil Island
Interior view of the Tabao Church
Tabao Elementary School
A house with pot plants in Tabao
A Tabao Restaurant
A house and Antennae at Tabao, Ambil Island
A portable generator at Tabao, Ambil Island
Billiard table - Tabao
Clothes drying in the main street of Tabao
Amused children on a small weir in Tabao
Some children playing on a boat at Tabao
A Tabao Cat
Four Tabao Children
A house-raft moored in Lawilawi Bay off Tabao beach
A boat with fish nets prepared in Lawilawi Bay, Ambil Island
Looking west from Antucao Pt. towards Balete Pt.
Antuco Bay - looking towards Kayoro Pt.
The photographer - David de la Hyde at Tabao
Preparing to land at Agkawayan
The return to the landing ramp at Agkawayan