Catarman Cathedral - The Body of Christ


Mondragon - St. Anthony of Padua Parish - Virgin Mary Float

When asked by Myrna, and some of her friends, if I would like to go with them to visit some Churches in Northern Samar, I said 'yes', not wishing to be left behind, and grabbed my camera.

During this unconscious Visita Iglesia (On my part - as I was totally unaware of the purpose of the trip) - I saw many attractive religious floats, and took some pictures of them.

From Maundy Thursday, until Black Saturday, many businesses in the Philippines either have shorter operating hours, or close down completely.

Many parishes hold processions, which are influenced by Catholic and pre-Hispanic customs and beliefs.

There are different portrayals of Mary - I have labelled them all as The Virgin Mary, mother of Christ. Please send me a correction - where required.

There could be present Mary Magdalene, "St. Mary Magdalene" and/or Mary of Bethany, the sister of Martha and Lazarus.

As illustrated, most of the floats were relatively small, and on trolleys that were hand pulled by one or two men.

Many floats were also fitted with electric lights, for night time viewing - but I did not see this state.

The Pieta - St. Rock the Healer Mission center
Front view of INRI

Back view of INRI
Icon of St.Perter at Catarman Cathedral

Icon of St Peter at Sty. Rock The Healer Mission Center
Float of the Virgin Mary at the Monastery of St. Claire
Float of the Virgin Mary at the St.Anthony of Padua Parish Church,Mondragon
A GroupFloat at Catarman Cathedral
Cross at Catarman Cathedral
Christ on a Donkey
The Black Nazarene -Mission Center , Dalakit
Float of Mary at the Saint Rock the Healer Mission Center
St Mary with a picture of Christ - St. Rock the Healer Mission Center
Christ with wounds - St. Rock The Healer Mission Church
A seated Christ with Wounds - Catarman Cathedral
Religious Floats at St.Rock The Healers Mission Center