Culture Based Fisheries


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The Fisheries Department of UEP is in an attractive location next to Langataran beach.

At present I am reliant on Google Earth for mapping information on Northern Samar - as a result I am unsure of the exact names of beaches and their locations.

The Culture Based Fisheries program looked very interesting to me and I was lucky enough to be able to look at some of the fish tanks.

In fact in my very brief glimpse of the Catarman UEP site the staff and students that I met were very helpful to me.

Note: BFAR is the acronym for Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

The U.E.P Hatchery was established in 1978. In particular it conducts training and seminars on tilapia production

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An indigenous Philippines fish species

The aquatic species (fauna and flora) which are targeted for preservation and conservation purposes are from the Catubig and Pambujan Rivers.

UEP Fisheries Department
UEP-BFAR Culture Based Fisheries Program

Agriculture and Natural Resources Curriculum
Breeding Facilities for Indigenous Aquatic Species
Knights of Columbus UEP Council 5744
Breeding facilities for indigenous fresh water species
Tanks with freshwater carp?
Mud Crabs
Seaweed propogation
Reflections and Fish