Kaypalad motor banca moored north of East Binacas Point


Nori Santos and Christian Schulmtz of Kaypalad

The Kaypalad hs been classified as an home-stay but to me it looks like a fore-runner of a beach resort. Thus I am classifying it as a beach resort even though its accommodation, at this stage, is relatively limited.

I feel justified in doing this as there is an extensive beach front and the proprietors have an attractive motor banca pictured above.

Kaypalad is situated about 2.5 km. from Binacas on the western side of Pinagdagatan Point. It is accessible from Binacas by motor banca - a 10 minute trip. You can also reach it by trekking over East Binacas Point to the southern end of the beach - about half an hour. In steeper sections there are concrete steps, pictured below, to assist.

The guest house pictured below has one main room, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is no air conditioning - probably not necessary due to its elevated coastal position.

For reservation please contact: Ms. Nori Santos 09209831817/09186712803

Personally I love the location and the adjacent marine areas are probably excellent for snorkeling - the picture of the raft on the right indicates clear water. In calm weather the idea of exploring the coast in the Kaypalad motor banca is very attractive.

Note: 7-Sept-2014
A good recent account of a visit to Kaypalad and Lubang is contained in: (http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/travel/story/lubang-island-philippines-rugged-refuge-20140831) and was published 31-Aug-2014.

Kaypalad raft
Kaypalad guest house at Pinagdagatan
Location of Kaypalad Guest House
Kaypalad's proprieters residence
Southern view of East Binacas Point from Kaypalad
My god-daughter Nestle on a swing at Kaypalad
Steps on the route to Kaypalad
Northern side of East Binacas Point