A fish farm development in Tilik


  Looking from a fish pond towards a quarry which is below the Philippine-Japan Friendship Shrine


After visiting the Philippine-Japan Friendship shrine, I was intrigued by the fish ponds on the far side of the road to Looc, below the shrine.

The scene reminded me of photos from the First World which illustrated forests that had been heavily shelled - and subsequent rainfall changing the landscape so that it resembled a swamp.

I was pleased that I could take photos of the initial development of land for the formation of a fish pond.

I briefly met Mr Santiago Z. Tria in the new building. Due to my lack of fluency in Tagalog I was unable to appreciate who he was, and that he was probably the main developer - we just shook hands.


A building on an embankment with a fish farm in Tilik

The embankment on which the building rests, is probably built with material from the local quarry, illustrated on the left.

The building is that shown towards the center of the main picture above

The fish pond nearest to the Port of Lubang - Tilik

Front view og building under construction on the embankment
 A kubo being constructed next to the new building
Clearing the land for a new pond
Temporary shelter for the workers belongings
A recently constructed gateway between two ponds

A wooden framed fish net lies on top of the condrete structure.