Reception Kiosk at Bamboo Hut Beach Resort


The Bamboo Hut Beach Resort is situated at the northern end of Lubang Island in Tagbac. It has five air conditioned rooms.
Facilities include:
In particular a nice swimming pool.
Contact: Mr. Dingzon Lim - 09205835811 (within the Philippines)
From outside the Philippines: +63 920 583 5811

Bamboo Hut swimming Pool
Accommodation at Bamboo Hut Beach Resort

Pool repairs at 'Bamboo Hut' resort.

In October 2009 typhoon Ondoy damaged the swimming pool, and most facilities were not operational for a few months. As can be seen above it has been fully repaired

Shelter with food preparation bench behind for day-trippers
Outdoor bar at Bamboo Hut Beach Resort
Shelters at Bamboo Hut Beach Resort
Childrens swings at Bamboo Hut Beach Resort
Tree hut at the entrance of Bamboo Hut
Homemade gun for frightening birds.

The explosive container is a plastic bottle - the top is unscrewed and a flammable liquid is sprayed in. The trigger is an electrical switch which sets off a spark. Quite ingenious.

The barrel is a piece of plastic water pipe. The bullets used are glass marbles. He may have lost some.