Renovation of fishing boats along Aroma Beach


A Mangyan? boy at Pag-Asa Beach

While staying at the White House Hotel at Aroma Beach I went for several walks along the wide and extensive beach front.

I only covered the southern section of the beach as I was only in San Jose for a relatively brief period.

I have not included any on the mouth of the Pandurucan river as these are on the Market page.

When I crossed the mouth of the Pandurucan river, I was unaware that I was walking over Barra Island, until after I returned home.

At the bottom of this page is a picture of the route I took. The blue fishing boat, illustrated above, can just be seen on the left of the photo.

Maintenance work on the propeller shaft

What I liked in particular about the beach front was the opportunity to see repairs and maintenance operations being carried out on large fishing boats.

Loading bags of gravel on to the John Sentone IV from Grace Island

A beach house next to the White House Hotel, Aroma Beach
Prospectors? Geologists? - on the beachfront outside the Cemetery
Alluvial Gold?
Renovations - - - Princess 2
Boat repairs on Aroma Beach
Preparing to put a sheet of marine plywood in place
Putting a plywood panel in place
Houses and a canoe south of the Pandurucan river mouth
Houses in the Pag-Isa area of the beach
Converted warehouses? at the southern end of the beach
At the southern end of the beach looking towards Caminawit Point
Looking south along Aroma Beach by the Cemetery to the Market and Caminawit Point