Lubang District Hospital


Botika Ng Barangay

From the perspective of potential visitors to the Lubang Islands, there is a district hospital close to the Lubang Municipality Centre, and another in Looc.

For alternative treatment a patient could hire a seat in an Airlink plane to Manila. The Lubang Airport is located directly opposite the Lubang Municipality's hospital. Patients can also travelby ferry to Calatagan as illustrated below.

In the photo above is a sign for the Botika ng Barangay for Agkawayan. Some of the Barangays have a dispensary from which a limited range of medication is available.

There are a few ambulances on the Island.

Health Center - Lubang

All the Barangays appear to have a health centre, and the schedule for the main one pictured above, is illustrated below.

Patient care - Gods Grace II
Patient preparing to leave Gods Grace II
Lubang District Hospital - Medical Schedule

I briefly called in at Lubang District Hospital.

A staff member invited me into his office and amongst other things told me that at that time there were five in-patients and two nurses were on duty. There is available two doctors who take turns to be on duty.

There is also one dentist, to whom I was introduced.

Services offered by the Lubang Municipal Health Office
Lubang District Hospital - Lab and X-Ray Room
Tagbac Health Station
Save your baby from mental retardation
Sectional bloiw-up of 'Save your baby from mental retardation'

At health centres a lot of good, well formulated, health information is displayed to the general public.

In the Philippines there are two national laws - The Clean Air Act of 1999 (Republic Act 8749) and the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 (RA 9211) passed to restrict smoking.

In practice, the Makati district in Manila seems to be the only area where there is active restrictions on smoking in public places.

Influenza hygiene
The Smokers Body
Clinic for Infectious Diseases
Saint Lazarus Medical Clinic


The San Lazarus Medical Clinic does not appear to be operational, and if I get any information on it's history I will include it here.