Threshing Rice in Tangal


Erlyn cutting rice

A lowland rice variety PSB Rc 14 is commonly grown in Lubang. It is a rain fed, lowland rice variety, which has good grain quality and is drought tolerant.

A rice plant has a main stem and usually four or five tillers (specialised branches). Each tiller grows a flowering head or panicle. Rice grains are produced by the panicle.

When the rice is ready to be harvested, the paddies must be completely drained and the field allowed to dry.

Harvesting consists of cutting the plants, moving the rice sheaves to a threshing machine to separating the grain from the rest of the plant, then cleaning, and storage.

The rice grains are often dried by spreading out on mats in the streets then to separate the rice grains from the husks, the rice is winnowed.

To winnow the rice grains are tossed on woven trays. The heavy grains fall back into the tray and the husks (a protective layer surrounding the grain) blow away. The rice can then be stored.

The rice grain is now classified as brown rice. Brown rice is ‘healthy’ because it still contains the rice germ and outer bran layers.

Gentle milling removes the germ and bran layers from the grain to expose a white starch centre. This is known as white rice.

Pinipig is glutinous rice, harvested and winnowed while still young. It is then toasted and pounded until it resembles corn flakes.

The hand powered grinder illustrated had grain fed into the center of the upper stone. On rotation the the grain moved from the center to the outer edges and was ground during the process. Rice was soaked overnight before putting into the grinder.

Ground rice was used to make rice cakes, for instance for Chinese New Year.

Filling bags with rice
Stacking rice sheaves
Preparing to stack rice sheaves
Spreading rice grains to dry
Binding rice sheaves
A rice dance?
Winnowing - separating rice grains from their husk
Pouding fried rice to make Pinipig
Preparing rice for Pinipig
An antique rice grinder
Top of Rice Grinder
Homeward Bound
Rice in transit from Tilik to Calatagan
Rice grains drying on mats in a street in Tagbac
Rice transporter an threshing machine