Sorville - 'run of the river' - swimming pool


Two Sorville roosters

In the later part of the 1960's, the commander of Gozar Air Station, Colonel Romulo Soriano, requested that the PAF (Philippine Air Force) buy land from Juanna Torreliza to establish a housing subdivision, in Barrio Ambulong, for the soldiers.

Later after a village had been established it was named Soriano Village -- and later this was shortened to Sorville.

Initially electricity was supplied from The Gozar Air Station, and a potable water supply was established.

In Xmas 2008 I briefly visited Sorville on the way to Gozar Air Station. This Xmas (2010) I revisted Sorville to acquire pictorial information for this page.

The 'run of the river' swimming pool, pictured above, was not in use at the time, but the picture clearly illustrates its construction.

In the picture on the right I am the little figure standing on top of the small dam.

Bing Higgins, who was posted to Gozar Air Station in 1968 by the USAF, sent me in Oct. 2014 some photos of Sorville. which I have included.

Bob McBride, who was posted to Gozar Air Station in 1972 by the USAF, wrote to me in Oct. 2014:

We had a water bladder that was kept full as a backup water supply for our toilets should the water source for Gozar dry up during the dry season. I believe the water supply for Gozar was a small dam which trapped water running off the mountain. In rainy season we had plenty of water for our toilets but we would run short of food because the helicopter couldn’t fly. During these times we had to resort to eating K Rations, from the Korean War, that were kept as our emergency supplies.

Reference: HISTORY OF LUBANG by Rudy Candelario - translated into English by Benjamin Walata. (

Sorville potable water supply dam
Welcome to Barangay Sorville

Sorville Barangay Hall - cnr. Acaia St. and Santol St.
Possibly the original switchyard taking supply from Gozar and now converted to a flower pot garden Note:Possibly the original switchyard taking supply from Gozar radar station
Possibly the original Sorville reservoir and pumphouse
Sorville Park and its Philippine Airforce Plane
Water supply basin at Sorville for Gozar AS.
Ambulong Church Under Construction
Ambulong Church Dedication - 1968
Ambulong Church Consecration/Blessing - 1968
Sorville Chapel
Gozar Primary School - Sorville
A street scene with some Sorville residents
A sorville home
The Sorville waterfall and swimming pool
Children playing at the waterfall in Sorville swimming pool
A group at the Sorville poolside
Sorville pool outlet

Note: To fill the pool, boards are slid into the slotted gap.

Disused gazebo at the Sorville pool
A pool side operating table?
Gozar Air Sytation Entrance Gate
Filipina nurses at Sorville PAF pool
Discourse at Sorville PAF swimming pool
Farewell group at Sorville PAF Pool