The Pandurucan River Crossing at Captain Cooper Street and the Market


Landing steps outside the San Jose Market, Mindoro

I went for a walk along the beach from the White House Hotel towards the city centre. I was intrigued by the Pandurucan river crossing to the Market, so I took some photos which I have included on this page.

The Market is situated between Capt. Cooper Street and Raja Solman St.

As I do not know the name of the crossing I have referred to it as the Captain Cooper Crossing.

Captain Lawrence Cooper was a guerilla leader in the Second World War. His group assisted the Americans in liberating Mindoro from the Japanese.

He was killed when he saved members of his unit from the explosion of a grenade thrown by a Japanese soldier. At the time they were fighting the Japanese on Romblon Island.

Reference: OCCIDENTAL MINDORO LOCAL HEROES by Cipriano Liboro (

San Jose market steps, Panurucan River and Ilin Island in the background
A boat load of arrivals for the Market

Stepping ashore on the beach opposite the Market
Waiting to make the crossing to the market
A more permanent waiting terminal opposite the Market
Returning from the Market
Unloading the boats
A refreshment store for people waiting to cross the Pandurucan river
Bags of charcoal on the beach waitng for export to an offshore island.
Looking north along the river bank from next to the store
Looking north along the Pandurucan river from the Market
A pig crossing the Pandurucan river south of the Market
A pig back from the Market
Crossing the Pandurucan River by Capt. Cooper Street and the Market