San Jose side of White Island


Caretakers Rooster? - White Island

Myrna had to go to San Jose to process some papers so I tagged along to explore the city while she was there.

We stayed at the 'White House Beach Resort' for three days, which was quite comfortable, and the proprietress was very helpful.

I took the opportunity while Myrna was otherwise engaged to make a brief visit to White Island.

The hotel proprietress arranged a boat - the 'Ambulong Bluewater' to take me there. The trip to the Island took about 17 minutes.

The other name for 'White Island' is 'Manadi Island' - Manadi is apparently a local word meaning 'Sudden Appearance' as it is said to have suddenly appeared many decades ago.

General publicity indicates that it is an ideal place for swimming, scuba diving, and fishing - but I did not test this. Turtle eggs are occasionally found buried in the sand.

Northern view of White Island from Aroma Beach, San Jose

There appears to be a coral reef at the other side of the island to which we landed.

There is no store or electricity supply available on the Island so all necessary food and drinking supplies must be taken with you.

It seems that there is a caretaker living on the Island, and the landing fee is P30. Bamboo hut rental, if available, is PhP150.00.

After looking at the island, and what is available at the present time, my personal preference would be to go well prepared for a day's snorkeling or fishing.

White House Beach Resort

The motor banca 'Ambulong Bluewater' at White Island
Possibly an accommodation hut
Side view of the probable caretakers residence
A picnic hut with table
Rear view of picnic hut
The caretakers dog?
A banca on the SW corner of White Island
Ablutions Block?
Foundations of an old building
Remnants of an old building
Possibly a bamboo hut accommodation unit
Erosion on the Western side of White Island
Note: The two main trees can be seen in the photo at the bottom of this page.
Ilin Island is on the right in the picture above.
Previous outdoor recreation area?
Northern side of White Island
Western side of White Island showing what appears to be a shallow reef