Las Navas - Our Lady of Nativity Parish Church.


A window at the Monastery of St. Claire

In the middle of one day at Easter, Myrna and her friends asked me if I would like to go with them to visit some Churches in Northern Samar. (A province on an island in the Visayas, within the central Philippines.)

I said 'yes', not wishing to be left behind, and grabbed my camera.

We left the residence at UEP and proceeded to 'Our Lady of the Nativity Church' at Las Navas.

Everyone, including a small boy, got out of the car and went inside to pray.

As I am rather deaf, and never quite know what a preacher (or anyone else) is saying, I got out to take photos of the exterior and interior. (Religion is not one of my major interests - but I like churches.)

After a few minutes I was asked to get back into the car again. Then there was a long trip to another church.

This strange behaviour carried on for numerous churches. Sometimes they had to search for the boy who seemed to have lost interest in praying, but liked to look around outside.

I was told that after visiting churches we would be going to the graveyard where Myrna's elder brother had been buried a few days before. But we did not get there because at one stage the car broke down with a flat tire, so they ran out of time.

When I got back to Australia I looked up some of the locations on the WWW and came to realise that I had been taken on a 'Visita Iglesia' - (Bisita Inglesia) - to 14 churches, representing the 14 Stations of the Cross - of which I was totally ignorant.

For the benefit of others who may find themselves in the same situation, on this page I have included a good pictorial diagram of the 14 stages.

Because this page is fairly long I have divided it up into six parts.

There is a horizontal navigation bar under the first image of each section, to assist the reader.

Stations of the Cross

My uncle Bob (Captain Robert Henderson-Bland) acted the leading role of Christ in an early silent film "From the Manger to the Cross".

As he was personally involved in reenacting the Stations of the Cross, I include a photo below of him at the 11th Station, near the original site.

In 1998, the United States Library of Congress deemed the film 'From the Manger to the Cross' "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Interior of the Las Navas Catholic Church

The crucifixion of Uncle Bob
CATUBIG - St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church

St. Joseph the Patriarch Church was constructed with wood materials in 1790 by Fr. Juan de Plasencia, reconstructed by Fr. Jose Mata in 1803, rebuilt in wood by Fr. Agaton Martinez, Rebuit in stone with Revivalist style in 1886 at the old site. It measures 89 yards long, 22 yards wide and 21 yards high.,_Northern_Samar)

Catubig River Suspension Bridge

Interior of Catubig Catholic Church
Shrine to the Siege of Catubig

The siege of Catubig lasted from 15 to 18 April 1900. A few days before the battle the US 43rd infantry regiment was sent to Catubig to stop guerrillas from getting supplies from sympathizers.

On the Sunday morning of April 15, hundreds of Filipino guerillas attacked them and let loose a tremendous volley of cannon and rifle fire that drove the entire regiment into the church.

After two days of withstanding withering fire and attempts to set the church ablaze, the Americans decided to retreat to the river. Setting fire to their barracks, the Americans made for the river, but 13 were killed and 3 wounded.

The American survivors reached the river bank and dug makeshift trenches with their bayonets. They held out for two more days until a rescue steamer, the Lao Aug, arrived.

Canon from the Siege of Catubig
Side view of Catubig Catholic Church
Pambujan Church
Congregation in the Pambujan Catholic Church

In the period 1752-1754 the Pambujans, forced by raids of Moro Pirates, moved to the present site of Pambujan. It was approximately during this period that the foundations of the now existing Roman Catholic Church were laid.

The subsequent events, which were characterized by the take over of the Franciscans in the religious affairs of the pueblo from the Jesuit Missionaries in 1768, triggered the completion of the church edifice. Unfortunately, it was razed and turned into ashes during the Spanish–American War in 1898.


A side view of Pambujan Church

Pambujan Church Bell Tower
San Roque Catholic
San Roque Catholic Church
Padre Lucero Hall

"I join Bishop Emmanuel Trance in condemning the brutal killing of Fr. Lucero. Last September 6, 2009 around 8:30 in the morning Rev. Fr. Cecilio P. Lucero was ambushed by unidentified gunmen armed with high powered firearms. Fr. Lucero suffered several gunshots on his head and different parts of his body and died on the spot and 2 of his companions were seriously wounded. Fr. Lucero was known to be a human rights activist, and the brother of our incumbent Vice Governor Boy Lucero and former Congressman Wilmar Lucero."
Congressman EMIL L. ONG, 9 September 2009.

San Roque Catholic Church - Interior from entrance
St. Anthony of Padua Parish Church - Mondragon
Side view - San Roque Chapel - Makiwalo

Located towards the rear of the church on the eastern side.

Exterior - St. Anthony of Padua Parish Church - Mondragon
San Roque Chapel - Interior
San Roque Chapel - Exterior- Front view
Car tire replacement
St Claire - PatronSaint of TV
Monastery of St Claire - front view
Monastery of St. Claire - side view
Monastery of St. Claire - interior view
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medallion Parish Church - UEP - Exterior
Interior view of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medallion - UEP - Catarman
St Rock the Healer Mission Center
St. Rock the Healer mission Center - Entrance
St Rockthe Healer Mission Center Meeting Place
San Roche Church - Interior
Exterior view of San Roche Church
San Roche Church Plaque
A corner in the San Roche Church
Mission Center - Dalakit - Interior view
Mission Center - Dalakit - exterior view
Baybay Catholic Church - Exterior
Baybay Catholic Church - Interior
Interior view of the Abad Santos Church - Catarman
Exterior view of the Abad Santos Catholic Church - Catarman
The small boy running towards Myrna, who is looking through the bars of the closed church.
Catarman Catholic Cathedral - Exterior View
Catarman Catholic Cathedral Interior View
Myrna's elder brothers casket
Myrna's Father's Casket - June 2014
Jesus at Liliw Catholic Church