Welcome to Barangay Binacas


The driver with Myrna's jackfruit she had bought

We visited Binacas on the way to hiking to the Binacas Dam - the source of the barangay's potable water.

I visited it in Xmas 2008 but did not have much of a pictorial record, and therefore I did not create a page on it.

In the rocky foreshore of Binacas can be seen the footprints of a man, woman and horse (some imagination is required).

The tagalog for footprint is bakas and the name for Binacas is said to be derived from this word.

Referring to the photo on the left, there are numerous jackfruit trees along the streets within Binacas.

Revisited Binacas in Feb. 2016. The road to Binacas from Tumibo is much improved.

View from Welcome sign into Binacas
Binacas Footprint?
Binacas Alien Footprint?
The main hall of Barangay Binacas
A bust of the National Hero, Rizal, in the Binacas Community Plaza
Binacas Elementary School
Classrooms at Binacas Elementary School
San Judas Tadeo Oct - 28
Municipal Organic Techno-Demo Farm
A Binacas street
A colourful Binacas cottage
Binicas Picnic Grove Barbeque Facilities
Fishing nets at Southern end of Binacas beach
Binicas Picnic Grove Tables
Binacas Picnic Grove and Cliffs
Party at Binacas Picnic Grove
Rocks at Northern End of Binacas Beach
Binacas Beach - Looking towards the northern end
Southern end of Binacas beach
Binicas Picnic Grove from the vicinity of Punta Cave
Interior View of Punta Cave - Binacas
Entrance of Punta Cave, Binacas

Punta Cave is accessible at low tide - preferably use a local guide.

Location of Punta Cave at Southern End of Binacas Beach
Western View of Binacas Cliffs
An Island forming at Binacas
Typical public notice associated with engineering projects in the Philippines
A storm water drainage canal

This may be the canal referred to in the construction notice in the photo on the left.

A passenger stop
Delivering groceries?
A crab at Binacas Beach
A bull at Barangay Binacas
Binacas water storage reservoir