Cabra Island, Occidental Mindoro, seen from Kusang Loob  
Note: Cabra Island is located approximately 2 kilometres from Kusang Loob.


Cabra Island solar powered lighthouse

Most of the time during our stay in barangay Tagbac the sea was too rough to go to Cabra Island for a day trip.

Finally a suitable day came but even then we had to alter our plans and land at Mahangkig beach instead of at Libis.

The Spaniards established a community at Cabra in 1885 and in 1889 the Spanish Government built a lighthouse there.

According to the local people, when Spanish soldiers first landed in Cabra they saw herds of goats, the majority being females. Thus the island was called 'La Isle de Cabra' - cabra being Spanish for a female goat.

A reliable supply of drinking water has always been a problem in Cabra. In 1972 a SVD (Society of the diVine worD) priest Fr. Bernhard Kesselmann built a windmill driven water pump. Later Fr, Lois Ortner SVD built two deep wells, one at Siteo Kay Sameon in 1991and another at Sitio Buli in 1992.

The windmill driven pump did not last long due to the high mechanical stress occurring during strong winds that occurred. Apparently all that is left is a rusty tower which supports a pulley that the Bulli community use to haul four gallon containers from a depth of 37 metres.

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Landing at Mahangkig beach, Cabra Island
Landing place at Mahangkig beach, Cabra Island
Avoiding a collision between two outrigger equiped pump boats  
Raft for transporting heavy goods to Mahangkig beach
Setting up dighy transport ashore
Fishing boat anchored at Mahangkig beach
'The shortest distance between point A and point B' - Mahangkig beach
Community water tank at Buli - Cabra Island

The water tank pictured is probably not used due to the failure of two successive attempts to provide a windmill powered pump. (First mechanically driven; the second generated electricity to drive a submersible pump)

Chapel at Butol - Cabra Island

On December 6, 1966 major newspapers reported an alleged apparition of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception on top of a hill in Cabra.

This hill was later called Burol and many pilgrims from various parts of the Philippines went there.

The Chapel pictured was built later by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Chapel grounds have some plaques marking spots, one pictured on the right, where the Virgin Mary appeared.

Inscribed stone at Buhol Chapel

A translation is: "On this spot in Cabra the Virgin Mary appeared and talked to Crecencia M. Banzuela on 24 March 1970"

Interior of Buro Chapel, Cabra Island
Worshipers inside Burol Chapel - Cabra Island.
View from Burol Chapel grounds towards Libis
Road to Libis
Community Kubo at Libis, Cabra Island
Church at Cabra - Cabra Island
Cabra Social Action Center
Be Proud You are a Teacher. The Future Depends on You. LVHS - Cabra Annex
Cabra Vocational High School. Cabra Annex, Cabra, lubang Occidental Mindoro

In 1966 a Bario High School was opened in Cabra but it closed about six years later due to a lack of pupils.

Another secondary school "Magnificat Academy" was established by a group of protestants in 1977, but closed five years later.

Now the Lubang Vocational High School, situated near Lubang Airport, holds extension classes in Cabra.

Cabra Island Power House
Church just before the lighthouses at Cabra Island
Goods transporter - Mahangkig Beach
Yoked pigs sleeping on the side of the road leading to the lighthouses  
Note: The yoke around a pig's neck prevents it from going through a fence.
Washing Day - Cabra Island

Myrna's photo on the left reminds me of the song by Clarke Van Ness - the first verse is as follows:

'Twas an evening in October, I'll confess I wasn't sober,
I was carting home a load with manly pride,
When my feet began to stutter and I fell into the gutter,
And a pig came up and lay down by my side.
Then I lay there in the gutter and my heart was all a-flutter,
Till a lady, passing by, did chance to say:
"You can tell a man that boozes by the company he chooses,"
Then the pig got up and slowly walked away.

Virgin Mary Grotto on Centennial Road to Mahangkig bay
Heading back to Tagbac from Mahangkig beach