Tying reinforcing for a concrete column


  Reinforcing rods positioned in a cement and rock filled hole

On the previous trip to Lubang Island we had some concrete posts made up for fencing. We stipulated that they should have reinforcing steel in them.

On arrival they did have rebars projecting from them for external attachments.

However in a later typhoon some were damaged and the reinforcing bars were seen to be bamboo stems.

On this trip Myrna decided to have the fence posts, and some concrete columns for an out-building, made on site.

I was intrigued by the project, and this page is made up of photos I took while watching processes.

I was interested to see that the post holes, dug in sand, were fairly wide and relatively shallow but filled with rocks and cement around the base of the rebars.

Materials used included, 1/4 inch plywood sheets for the molds, 2x4" lumber cut from coconut trees, 8mm and 10mm steel reinforcing rods. The concrete mix was a 1:6 ratio of cement to sand with stones added while pouring.

Bending ties for the rebars
Preparing forms for concrete columns
Cutting out planks with a chainsaw
Preparing slot in a concrete column for a wooden beam
Bending base of rebar
Using a plastic tube and concrete nailas a concrete chisel
Positioning spacers on rebars
Positioning a beam on top of a concrete column
Forming a post hole
Frame of a column positioned
Hosing the base of a column in preparation for cement to be added
Filling the base of a column with rocks and cement
Correcting position of rebar
Mixing concrete
Preparing a former
Tying spacers on rebars
Positioning former
Nailing plywood cover to former
Filling bucket with cement
Pouring concrete
Smoothing concrete placement
Adding rocks
Rebar projections
Newly formed posts