Motorised Bancas moored off Nasugbu Beachfront


Route to Nasugbu from Manila
Kaybiang Tunnel

The trip between Wawa Pier,Nasugbu, and the Port of Lubang at Tilik takes approximately two hours.

Note: It appears that ferries between Calatagan and Tilik ceased sometime in March 2017. Service for most ferries is now between Nasugbu and Tilik.

Ferry Schedules - 2014 - Lubang Tourism  

Trips dependant on weather and demand.

Approaching Wawa Pier Terminal on M/B King Ferlin 4
M/B King Ferlin 4 at Wawa Port,Nasugbu
Galley on board M/B King Ferlin 4
Trolled fish on board the M/B King Ferlin 4

The scheduled two hour trip from Tilik Harbour, Lubang Island was delayed twice (about 1/4 hr. each time) while the boat stopped and a trolled fish hauled aboard.

Wawa Pier on arrivalby ferry
Stranded Barge at Wawa Pier, Nasugbu
King Ferlin Booking Office at Wawa Pier
Buildings at Entrance Gate - Wawa Pier
Grading Gravel for a new building at Wawa Pier
Preparing bamboo for an outrigger
Boats by Wawa Pier
Looking upstream at Wawa Pier
Wawa river - looking towards the Pier
Korean Express in the Wawa River
Coast Guard - Substation Nasugbu
Bayan Ko Mahal Ko
St. Francis Xavier Parish Church, Nasugbu
Some Barangays of Nasugbu
Nasugbu Municipal Hall
Nasugbu Fire Station
Library Hub,Nasugbu
Plaza de Roxas - Nasugbu
Hall of Justice - Nasugbu
Part of Canyon Cove Resort, Nasugbu
Nasugbu Overview