Catarman lighthouse on the eastern side of the Catarman river mouth


House and mangroves

I was curious what either side of the Catarman River Mouth looked like. So I went down to the beach at Baybay, on the western side of the river, with a UEP student who acted as a guide. On the way there we crossed the Catarman Airport in a motorised tricycle.

On the next day we went to the Eastern side where the lighthouse (or navigation beacon)is in Sitio Cataogan of Barangay Cawayan.

After walking along the foreshore of Cawayan Bay from the Lighthouse, we then went through the mangrove swamp to UEP (University of the Eastern Philippines).

The people we met were all very friendly and helpful, and the walk through the mangroves on the dead coral reef was 'interesting'.

House shaped as a boat in Cataogan Bay
Fishermans village on the Eastern side of the Catarman lighthouse
Catarman river estuary from the Eastern side

Catarman river estuary from the western side
Steps to the beach in the bay on the eastern side of the lighthouse

Looking towards the mangrove swamp in the bay to the east of the lighthouse
A group of fishermen near the Catarman lighthouse
Captured crab - Baybay beach Catarman
Hunting a crab - Baybay beach Catarman
Looking towars the Catarman river mouth along Baybay beach
Baybay beach end of Catarman Airstrip
Collecting firewood - Baybay beach - Catarman
Lookout tower - Baybay beach - Catarman
Home of the Pathfinder Unit
The Stormtrooper and my guide The Student
Mangroves on the eastern side of the Catarman river mouth