An organisational chart observed at Maliig Elementary School


  Area and Circumferences - maths. corner Maliig Elementary School


The importance of education appears to be keenly appreciated in Lubang and the elementary schools that I saw in the Municipality of Lubang all seemed to be well constructed and in good condition.

I was intrigued by the use of displays on trees and walls that emphasised important concepts and have included a few examples on this page.

I was informed that teachers from other parts of the Philippines visit schools in Lubang to observe their teaching methods.

Most of the elementary schools appeared to have a separate building designated as a reading room - such as the one pictured below.

Note - Oct. 2014: Bing Higgins, who was posted to Gozar Air Station in 1968 by the USAF, sent me some photos of Stella Maris School which I have included.

A stong earthquake hit the school on September 18, 1995. In 1996 the school's two-storey building illustrated was demolished.


Mission and Vision displayed at Lubang Integrated School
Reading Center - Tagbac Elementary School

Definitions & Comparisons
Mathematics Mural at Lubang Integrated School
Learning Math is fun
Stella Maris School in 1968 - two storey building
Stella Maris School -circa 1990
Stella Maris Day Festival - August 1968
Stella Maris School Graduates - 1968
Maliig Elementary School - 1968