An Villa Verde Videoke and Bar room


Perfecto Villarosa the proprieter of Villa Verde Videoke and Bar

The Vdeo Oke Bar and Beer Garden is situated about 2 km from the Lubang town centre along the road to Tilik in Maligaya Sapa.

The following is a series of extracts from the Mindoro Post dated March 7th 2010, and indicates clearly the controversy that exists over the introduction of Karaoke Bars

Mindoro folk decry ‘short time’ tourism in Lubang islands

Village officials in Lubang, Occidental Mindoro criticized paradise beach resorts promoting what they called a type of tourism that might condone prostitution.

At least six village chairmen of this town agreed that offering a “short-time” product, especially to locals with girls and young women in tow, connotes prostitution.

“Short-time” is a term used to connote a stay in a motel by two individuals.

The community’s women residents, mostly homemakers, forwarded a petition to Lubang mayor Juan Sanchez that called for the closure of beer houses and karaoke bars.

These bars and beer houses, the women said, allegedly offered services of girls that were brought to the island. Fr. Paulus Latuan, parish priest of Lubang, said he is saddened by what he called as the collapse of some marital relations resulting from alleged illicit affairs encouraged these establishments.

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The road entrance sign for Villa Verde
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Sanchez called for a dialogue between community residents and the resort owners and their hospitality girls. The Lubang mayor dismissed the emergence of the entertainment sector in the islands as an inevitable “part of the development process.” “Naturally, these are like hotels and the short-time stay is but one of their offers,” he said.

A woman official said that the entertainment industry has started to disturb the serene environment and the peace and tranquility of the islands.

She cited a couple that separated because of a marital conflict involving the visiting girls.

The women also raised the issue of health, but Sanchez said the town’s health office would monitor and check health matters. Some residents said these entertainers “come from Manila” and should be reshuffled often to avoid any further relationship besides “serving the men who go to the night joints to get drunk.”

Sanchez maintained that if the town was to develop its tourism industry, it should also be ready to receive the entertainment sector because “tourists would look for something to do at night time.”

The mayor reportedly advised local women to look after their husbands. “If no one patronizes the entertainment business, these would eventually close shop and pack up,” he said.

Interior view of Villa Verde main Vidoke room

Villa Verde covered outdoor entertainment area
Villa Verde - No Money No Chick No Beer
  Approx.: "To all debtors please pay before ordering your drinks and a bar girl"
Villa Verde - Operation Steel
Approximately: "Do not bring anything sharp inside the videoke or anything that can kill, especially guns"
Villa Verde opening and closing times
Villa Verde - Thank you come again