Damage by typhoon Lando to the preious 'Zafarri Club' exit gate


Main entrance steps to the former Zafarri Club

It is uncertain whether the Zafarri club was built by the Japanese in World War II or leased by them to supply recreational facilities for their soldiers.

Possibly the Americans used this resort for the same purpose after the Japanese were forced out.

The club is situated in a nice beach side location in Tangway, behind Lubang Airport.

The property was 6.2 hectares with 270 mango trees and a firing range.

The basement section of the clubhouse had 7 bedrooms.

The fundamental reason why the resort apparently failed, is probably the relatively poor communication links with Manila, and the general lack of tourist amenities on Lubang Island.

The former premises of the Zafarri Club

A comment on Lubang Tourism Facebook site in July 2011 stated: "Roces resort Hotel: a landmark of the past now in ruins.. owned by the famous ROCES clan of old Manila. It used to be the 'in place' during the late 70's, 80's and early 90's (location: Tangway, Tagbac) the only resort hotel during the 70's. 80's and early 90's"

Zafarri Club - dance floor
View of the kitchen throgh a glass panel in a door
Basement Entrance - 'Please turn off lights when not in use'
Guest room in the basement
Vier towards the beach - 'M' stand for Marcos?
Zafarri Club swimming pool
Main Entrance Gate to the former Zafarri Club
The barbeque Area
Satellite dish for transmitting seismic/tsunami data

Pictured above is a V-SAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) microwave antennae.

The recording instruments and solar powered transmitting/receiving station is located about 100 metres along the beach front from the house.

Seismic/tsunami recording instruments


The best information I have been given (2010) is the equipment pictured probably belongs to PHIVOLCS (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology).

Also the cylinders shown above may be run-up sensors, which are essentially float sensors in a protective housing. If the ocean rises to the level of the sensor, a switch will close and the information transmitted by the V-SAT system.

Philvolcs proposed tsunami detector layou
Lubang Island Tsunami sensor set up