St. Joseph Cathedral, San Jose, Mindoro


St. Joseph Cathedral Bell Tower

I virtually stumbled across the Cathedral during my short stay while looking for a live tamaraw.

A tricycle driver had the strange idea that there was one near the San Jose Rotary club, and dropped me off there.

The Rotary Club is adjacent to the Cathedral.

Some may say that it was destiny - but I think it was just a stupid mistake.

The guide book erroneously indicated that there was a tamaraw farm within two kilometers of the city center.

A new and impressive church was constructed by the successor of Fr. Brendel as parish priest of San Jose, Fr. George Koschinski, SVD. Before this, the chapel of San Jose was a quonset hut of the Allied Forces vintage. The new parish church was built with the help of German and Filipino Catholics. It was blessed by the vicar apostolic of Mindoro, Bishop William Duschak, SVD, DD on September 30, 1962.

Inside St. Joseph Cathedral, San Jose, Mindoro

On January 27, 1983 the late Pope John Paul II approved the division of the island of Mindoro into two vicariates the Apostolic Vicariate of Calapan covering all the towns in Occidental Mindoro and the Apostolic Vicariate of San Jose which is composed of the twelve parishes in the eleven towns of Occidental Mindoro.

The spiritual welfare of the Catholics in Oriental Mindoro remained under the governance of Bishop Simeon Valerio, SVD, DD but that of Occidental Mindoro was entrusted to Bishop Vicente Manuel, SVD, DD. Bishop Manuel was officially installed on July 1, 1983 in a ceremony officiated by the representative of the pope in the Philippines, Archbishop Bruno Torpiglianni, DD. From that time, the parish church of San Jose was converted into a cathedral.

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Priest's Residence, St. Joseph Cathedral, San Jose, Mindoro

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel
A Grotto in the grounds of St. Joseph
Interior of Our Lady of Fatima Chapel - Sasn Jose - Mindoro
St. Joseph College and Seminary, San Jose, Mindoro
Text of a candle prayer
Candle Chapel - St. Jose Cathedral, San Jose, Mindoro
Interior of the Candle Chapel
Christ the King
The Ten Commandments