Binacas water supply reservoir


Typical access bridge on the path to the Binacas Dam

The project to build a dam for potable water was started by Fr. Lois Ortner when he was assigned to Lubang. The dam is situated upstream of Sala Falls which leads into a natural swimming pool.

The dam, christened as La Concordia Dam, was built by funds solicited by Fr. Ortner from overseas friends and his congregation.

Manual construction methods were used for the project. Construction of the dam, reservoir and pipe laying were done through "bayanihan" and took more than three years. The water supply project was finished in 1992.

The water is distributed by a gravity feed system, and is initially stored in a reservoir just outside the main welcoming entrance for Binacas. The reservoir is located on a hill overlooking the barangay.

We went in a hired jeepney from Tagbac to the entrance of the walking track by the main beach.

One can also hire a fishing boat from Tagbac to Binacas beach, and walk to the dam from there. It is about a one hour walk.

Section of the Binacas potable water supply dam
First hill climb on the way to Binacas Dam
On the way to Binacas Dam, Lubang Island
A rocky stream bed on the way to Binacas dam
A small bridge carrying the water pipe line
Binacas Dam and Chapel
The chapel at Binacas Dam
Binacas potable water supply dam - downstream side
Binacas Dam, downstream side showing a tenaceous tree.
Binacas potable water supply dam