Lord Headfort's Residence


A water tank stand at the Headfort residence

The sixth Marquis of Headfort (Thomas Geoffrey Charles Michael Taylour) died at Kenlis House on the 21 October, 2005 at the age of 73.

Kenlis is no longer owned by the family but for the purpose of this write-up I have used the terms Kenlis (Kells) and Lord Headfort.

The following is an extract from the "Daily Telegraph" 08 Dec 2005.

"The 6th Marquis of Headfort inherited a great estate in Ireland, but travelled further afield as a salesman of civil aircraft which he piloted himself; he came to wider attention when he was escorted by police from the Isles of Scilly, after what was claimed to be an abortive attempt to murder Harold Wilson.

In August 1965, a waiter called Ray Youngman who was working at the Atlantic Hotel in St Mary's told police that he had been approached by "a tall, sandy-haired man" who had asked to be rowed out to the uninhabited island of Samson.

On the way, the man grilled Youngman about his political views. "He asked me if I could use hand guns and said he had a.38 revolver which he would bring with him the following day for me to practise with on the island," Youngman told The Daily Telegraph.

"After referring to the Prime Minister and asking if I thought Britain was safe in his hands he wanted to know if I would kill for a fee. He asked if I would kill the Prime Minister without question. I said I would if the money was right." Youngman claimed that he agreed to work for him and was given 5 on account. "Then I took him on to Tresco." CONTINUED RHS >>>

beach view of headfort house

But Youngman soon got cold feet and decided to inform the police about his passenger's "strange proposals". Shortly afterwards, the police escorted the marquis from the Scilly Isles, taking him to St Lawrence's Hospital, Bodmin, from which he was later released.

The following day, from his home in Ireland, Headfort denied Youngman's account of the incident, though he admitted to hiring his boat. But his neighbours in nearby Kells described how Headfort, wearing a Stetson, had fired three blanks into the ceiling of a local pub during a party. "No one took much notice because he is known for his practical jokes," one said. "The marquis is regarded as a crack shot."

While some of his behaviour could be attributed to high spirits, Headfort also suffered from manic depression that necessitated occasional hospitalisation. Related to this was a period of alcoholism. His last speech in the House of Lords in 1987 was a tribute to the work of Alcoholics Anonymous. He did not drink alcohol for the last 20 years of his life."

 Lord Headfort's launch - The Kenlis II
Auxillary cottage at Lord Headfort's property
Kalahi-CIDSS notice at the Lord Headfort Library

Lord Headfort was for a period an honorary Inspector of Police in Hongkong and later moved to the Philippines. His second wife (married in 1972) was Virginia Nable, a friend of Imelda Marcos.

While in Lubang he was active in the coastgaurds and went to assist many fishing boats in trouble. He also had a 4 hectare farm in Tanggal.

Lord and Lady Headfort donated a Public Library to the Municipality of Lubang, and it is located next to the Municipal Administrative Center.

There does not appear to be very many books in the library, but this offset by there being a major shift to electronic books, such as in the epub format.

These days most people do their research using on-line databases rather than library based encyclopedias such as I relied on in my schooldays.

At present (2013) the library is used by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in the implementation of the Kalahi-CIDSS (Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services) program.

The Kalahi-CIDSS is one of the major government programs to fight poverty in the country. It is based on methods of community-driven development where the barangay is given the power to decide on matters affecting their lives. The program is funded by the World Bank.

Note 21 July 2015:
Four days ago I received some photos from Barry Aldred who spent just over a year at Kenlis house. I have placed them further down the page. I am pleased to say that they show the house being utilised.

Based on the photos given by Barry, I required more than one page to illustrate Lord Headfort's activities in Lubang Island. I have included links to the other pages below:

Captain Taylour     Lord Headfort's Tangal Farm

Lord Headfort in the library he donated to Lubang Island
A project assistant in the Lord Headfort Library
Lubang Public Library
Interior view of the Lord Headfort Library
Sixth and Seventh Marquis of Headfort

The photo of the sixth Lord Headfort was supplied by Ray D. Morales of Lubang who received a Scholarship to attend University from him.

Lady Headfort at Lord Headforts Birthday Celebration, January 2005
 Lord Headfort's birthday party in 2005
Lord Headfort and second wife Virginia Nable
Lord Headfort in the verandah of Kenlis House on his birthday in 2005
Workshops at the Headfort Tagbac property
Headfort House - Kells - Ireland


Headfort House is a large country house on the southern outskirts of Kells in County Meath, Ireland. In 2004, the house was selected by the World Monuments Fund (WMF) for inclusion in its List of 100 Most Endangered Sites and is currently in use by Headfort School as a private school for children aged 3 to 13 years.

The House was constructed in the 1760s for Earl of Bective, Thomas Taylour to a design by the Irish architect George Semple. The interiors were designed by the Scottish architect Robert Adam .

It remained in the private hands of the Taylor family until 1949, when the family leased the house to the newly formed Headfort School. In 1996 ownership of the building was transferred to a building preservation trust, the Headfort Trust.
Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headfort_House,

Headfort House - The Eating Parlour

Headfort School, founded in 1949 by Lord and Lady Headfort, is Ireland's sole remaining preparatory boarding school. It is located outside the village of Kells, County Meath, some 75 km north west of Dublin.

Headfort caters for both day and boarding pupils from the ages of seven to thirteen. In 2002 the school started a Montessori division Montessori school which now caters to children from the age of three to seven.

The Guardian 12 Oct 2017: 'School Life' - Review:
This endearing documentary tracks life at Headfort, a boarding prep school in Ireland where an assortment of kids, mostly local but also further flung corners of the world, grow and seemingly flourish under the tutelage of some especially gifted teachers.
Ref: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/oct/12/school-life-review-documentary-headfort

Youtube: 'School Life' - Official Trailer

Headford school Band