threshing machine in front of Lord Headfort's farm in Tangal,Lubang Island


An interior view in Lord Headfort's farm house in Tangal,Lubang Island

On 17 July 2015 I was very fortunate to receive from Barry Aldred many photos taken during his time in Lubang.

The following paragraphs on Lord Headfort are based on a letter that Barry sent me.

Barry originally met Lord Headfort (Lh) in Manila around end of 2003, while there for a possible business venture with another friend which never eventuated. Lord Headfort invited him to come visit Lubang as a guest mainly because of his British nationality.

Barry telephoned Lh early in 2004 and Lh sent the Motor Yacht Kenliss II to pick him up from Manila together with his girlfriend Mila Siligan. He stayed there until Lh's death in October 2005.

While in Lubang Barry was drafted into the PCGA (Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary) where he assisted in rescuing people in the West Philippine sea. He was involved in three major missions mainly involving children on bancas that had overturned while travelling between islands.

Barry was appointed as an Officer in the PCGA and was requested by Lh to be involved with the running of the estate and farm. His primary work was to log and pay the staff using a computer based filing system.

He also did repairs to the main generators which provided all the power on the estate, set up radio communications between the estate and vehicles and hand held radios, and setting up and tuning the antenna on the 150 foot mast which was on top of the water tower on the estate. The tower had a very bright light marine on top which was turned on at dusk, and was by all fishermen in the area for location when visibility was bad for location.

Lh provided potted water to the nearby fishing village in Tagbac; he provided all the equipment, if they supplied labour (digging trenches).

Lh was never interested in money or property, he was happy trying to give the people of Lubang a better life by donating a library, supporting schools, airport, fishing, hospital, farms etc.

He gave over 70 college scholarships to young people. once a year he would have a open day where the local families came, and lined up to request help in their children's local schooling (uniform, pens/pencils/books etc), The people or most who got help were those that said please and thank you, as this is all he wanted to hear.

Lh was getting a little eccentric in his old age, but to me he was the most intelligent man I have ever met. Most people, especially staff, never knew he could speak fluent Tagalog. They use to talk between themselves in front of him and he always shouted in ENGLISH, but he did know what they said.

Lh was heavily involved in medical missions, many doctors, nurses and government officials from all over Philippines came to take part in meetings to plan how to serve the poor in need. He donated many things to ensure they had transport, food and supplies for the needy.

At the end of the letter Barry says: His death was very sad time for myself as he was a kind generous caring loving man who had many years in front to live. We were at the time planning the future of Headfort's estate to carry on scholarships, and helping all in Lubang by establishing a British Trust Foundation.

Because I required more than one page to illustrate Lord Headfort's activities in Lubang Island, I have included links to the other pages below:

Kenlis House     Captain Taylour

Marquis Headfort Passport
Willy -in charge of Lord Headforts Tangal farm
Barry Aldredin the study at Kenlis House,Lubang Island
A caribou transorting rice sheaves at Lord Headforts Tangalfarm,Lubang Island

Farmhouse view of threshing rice on Lord Headforts Tangal farm
Lord Headfort Looking Out from the Farmhouse
Instrument panelof a Piper Tomahawktraining aircraft that crashed in a nearby field to Lord Headfort's Tangal farm,Lubang Island

Piper Tomahawk training aircraft that crashed near Lord Headforts farm in Tangal in 2005
Barbequeing for Lord Headfort's 73rd Birthday celebration - 2005

Stored Garlic Bulbs
Sun drying rice grains and garlic bulbs at Lord Headfort's Tangal farm

A pumping station on Lord Headfort's Tangal fartm - 2005
Preparing a Garlic rope at Lord Headforts Tangal farm Oct. 2005

Stored garlic bulbs under Lord Headfort's Tangal farmhouse
Barry Aldred and Lord Headfort in May 2005 in Lubang

Kenlis II towing M/B San Polinar Feb.2005
Morning tea break on Lord Headfort's Tangal farm
People associated with Lord Headfort's Lubang Island Estate in 2005