Pineils Hall, Pineils Farm, Washington, Catarman, Northern Samar


Looking into Piniels Hall - The owner 'Franco' Hernadez seated on the left

Myrna and I visited Catarman to attend the 80th birthday celebration of Myrna's mother

While there, Franco invited us to visit his Farm/Resort that he has developed. Both Franco and Myrna are godparents of the eldest child of a mutual friend.

Franco is fully qualified as a veterinarian, and created this resort to give shelter to an assortment of animals - which are easily viewed.

Locals seem to take animals there that need caring for.

There is a natural spring in the hillside that feeds the swimming pool. Most of the estate is primarily a man-made agri-forest

The contact email address is:

A most wicked Toucan planning his next attack on my camera
Swimming Pool at Pineils Farm/Resort
View of a portion of the grounds
A cottage in the grounds of Pineils Farm
A general facilities area
Saint Francis of Assisi - Patron Saint of Animals
A conversational area
Little Chapel
A Madonna